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A trip to this island of Tanzania, with no expectations, ended with the conviction of having found the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Travel to Zanzibar

Photography by eutrophication&hypoxia

Before you know it, imagine if he was in Tanzania a flat country, desert and a few colors. There are many tourists who travel there only by the desire to climb Kilimanjaro, 5895 meters volcano that borders Kenya to the highest point in Africa.

Tanzanians are calm, cheerful and very helpful. For their warmth look Latino, but they are more respectful and calm. Still, more than 95 percent of the population is Muslim and we must be careful to dress and behave because our habits can be taken, in some cases, such an offense. One feels a fast in front of them poor, who constantly respond pole, pole … (Slowly, slowly in Swahili language) with any questions or request to the beat Western.

Swim with dolphins:

We stayed for $ 25 per person in a small hotel, family and austere, but the sea and with two or three small bars where you can eat every night on the sand, fish and seafood with local beer.

The atmosphere is very stuck in place, you can go to the spice market of the city, where the colors and scents that are perceived walking through its narrow aisles are a feast for the senses. At craft stores you can buy works of art for a few dollars. Almost all the merchants speak English and some Italian, as most tourists come just in Italy. In general, prices are low on the island and across Tanzania. The expensive, in any case, reach. But once there, 60 or 70 dollars a day you can live very well.

When we begin to learn to buy tickets in Buenos Aires, many agencies did not even know where is the Kilimanjaro. Others offered us exorbitant fees to some of the few airlines that fly there. We finally got a fairly reasonable price (1600 dollars, with taxes) and this route: Buenos Aires, Johannesburg-Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro. The leg was fast in all: 9 hours and a half hours to Johannesburg, scale 1 ½ hours, 3 hours flight to Dar es Salaam.


Photography by Ali Damji

Zanzibar is a great destination to go with friends or a couple, but there are families with children. Probably due in part to be applied in many vaccines to enter Tanzania. The only mandatory is that of yellow fever, but seven more are recommended.

Moreover, in both Zanzibar and the rest of Tanzania can always be easily walk the streets at any time. It is a very poor country, but there is no crime or violence at any time.

Zanzibar of Travel tips

Photography by David Berkowitz

The quiet little people live. With almost nothing. For example, never heard an insult in the street even though you can witness traffic problems. In short, there are modern, but many things are more civilized than us.

Good trip to Zanzibar!

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