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Cataratas del Iguazú 011 / Iguassu Falls 011 por Claudio.Ar.

In Niagara Falls, are unmatched and we fill all the senses. Their colors, their noisy water and a forest that will surprise us.

The train Ecological Forest. Send your tour at the Garganta del Diablo, this is the biggest downfall of Iguazu National Park. To reach it, the passengers cross a runway of 1,100 meters above the Upper Iguazú River and go along the water course between streams and waterfalls.

La Garganta del Diablo is 80 meters high and 150 feet long, but more surprising is the great force with which the waterfalls and the mist that is seen from 7 km away.

Falls From Train Station Ecological there is the option to take two different trips, one for the lower circuit and the other by the Superior.

For the upper circuit may go 650 meters through elevated walkways on the fall line of main breaks. But if we opt for the lower circuit will have to go 1200 meters below the inner side of the falls, providing a closer contact with nature. Since this circuit is accessing the viewpoints and you can feel the rain water falling and hit the bottom. The walk takes about two hours.

The waterfalls will rise to 200 thousand years. When a geological fault caused the cascade of 80 meters high and then 2 arches 2,700 feet long. They meet three countries: Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Confluence of two rivers, the Iguazú and Paraná River.

The park covers an area of 67 hectares, created in 1934 was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1984. This site has a great variety of fauna and flora. There are 450 different species of birds, 80 mammals and plant species 2mil.

The shortest ferry ride por brenski.

The park has an Interpretation Center which gives us the opportunity to tell the story of the site, chronicles the life of the Guarani, Jesuits and settlers.

Tours and Activities
Many excursions take all day and shorter just a few hours. One of the most popular is the “Great Adventure” where you take a tour of the jungle in 4 × 4, supplemented by a brave suitable only for navigation, sail boats 6 km in the Lower Falls, calm waters and fast changing.

If you prefer something quieter there is the option to make a trek down the path Macuco, in the jungle. The route adds about 3 miles to the waterfall Arrechea, a large pool of clear water.

Another option is to do a photo safari Yacaratiá the Path. This is done on vehicles that are fitted to photograph the area, with its fauna and flora by other colors. In the ecological tour take you from the Garganta del Diablo Station. It comes in rafts and rowing, in a very quiet trip where after making some trips that we will at night, Iguazu National Park takes you to live the night, making the train rides Forest Ecological Station until Garganta del Diablo, when you get there you walk down the runway will guide you to the park’s most spectacular leap, back two hours later you are invited to a cocktail.

Iguazu Falls por hadsie.

Where to stay
Puerto Iguazu has a great variety in that hotel supply is concerned. For example, the double room at the Iguazu Grand Hotel (5 stars) from u $ s 325. Includes breakfast buffet and use of facilities and spa.

The Great Adventure costs $ 150 per person. The Ecological Jungle Train is free (this trip is already included in the value of the Park entrance).

Good Travel there!

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