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You’ve probably ever heard more than one breast lift and ensure that your trip to India changed his life, you’ve also heard somewhere that India is the country that inspires the most in the world, the most spiritual of the planet. While on the other hand, I’m sure you’ve also heard that India is the dirtiest, the most hypocritical and dreary and the place where they accumulate heavier per square meter in the world.

The findings will taste the passenger and according to the character and experience. The only thing that all travelers agree is that India does not leave anyone indifferent.

With a trip of two or three weeks you can visit the most emblematic of the place. It is true that when you acclimate to the place it’s time to leave, even so, you’ll get a first impression than it is in India and all that people will notice after your trip.

The cheapest flights find them bound for Delhi or Mumbai. If you have a few days would probably recommend you choose Delhi and concentrate in the north where they congregate the most our country and with the word “tourist” are also included heavy, tours and higher prices (though not to be afraid) .

Delhi is a place that should pass by quickly. We provide the first shock just after the plane landed and the ideal platform to take your train and escape from hell. However, you can not miss the first certification of passenger rickshaw. The old part of town should also visit and the huge mosque that stands by his side, India Gate and a monument to Gandhi.

If you lean to the north you can take a train (the rail service covers most of the country and strikes a good pass) and get up in Agra where you will see one of the most famous wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. I recommend you avoid being left to sleep and follow the road leading to Varanasi, the city bathed in the sacred river Ganges, the ultimate expression of what it means for a culture shock.

You also have the option to upload from Delhi towards the Himalayan Mountains and mixed up with Buddhism in Rishikesh, or from west to see the sacred lake of Pushkar, the city Jodphur, the blue city, including e internaros and know the real Rajasthan making a journey through the desert in Bikaner or Jaisalmer.

Pushka por davies.thom.

An interesting route is to go from Mumbai to Goa and Hampi draw a triangle. A bus will take you to bed at night to Margao the beach where you can choose according to your desires. If you want peace, go to Agonda. If you want to party, go to Anjuna.

After taking it off the beach sand can board a train and get off at Hospet where awaits a bus service to reach Hampi. A spectacular complex of ruins where one can jump and walk at will.

If from there you can decide to return to Mumbai to make a stop at the little visited Bijapur to avoid many hours by train.

Another option is to go from Delhi to Calcutta (or even if you fly up there), visiting the city with the most serious impact of poverty and meet the country’s eastern Himalayas to Darjeeling travelers.

If you fly to Bangalore or you are in Goa and you are still days you can follow the coast south and know the amazing backwaters in Kerala. After making your boat rides through the jungle and its relevant bathrooms you can head to the tip end of the country where the weight of history and culture defines the origins of the country. The region is Tamil Nadu and among its many temples highlights the Thanjavur.

Houseboat at Dawn

As I said at the beginning, India gives too much. Trying to know everything in three weeks is absolutely impossible. Trying to cover as much as possible is a mistake, so decide for yourself what you most want to see and focus on a particular area.

Good Luck!

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