Traditional festivities in Carhuaz

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Plaza de Armas de Carhuaz por btsm20.

One manifestation of “Callejon de Huaylas” own cultural mixing is the short hill is also called Yums, a curious traditional festival in February and the carnival itself. Let’s say that this celebration is the adaptation of European carnival of Andean culture, mixing a tribute to nature with a sense of blessing for the gifts that this gives us, hence they needed to celebrate the trunk of a tree to which he gifts which placed hanging fruit.

Several views of Carhuaz
People merry dance around the tree, cutting the trunk shift, the idea is so grave to access what is in your cup. Of course you cannot miss the good corn beer or Jora (fermented maize) known as “the beer of the Incas” (of course, much more delicious than this), which is taken at every turn. One who achieves topple the tree, will of course be the sponsor for next year.

This beautiful national celebration of Huaraz, has become a national phenomenon, taking place both in coast and in forest. Another popular festivals, where you can appreciate the deep religious overtones of the people of the Callejon de Huaylas is the celebration of Holy Week, when people in a number of delegations that visit the area and walks around the main tourist attractions of the place. This festival starts on 16 March with the Palm Sunday walk.

Tourists and faithful part of the liturgical acts typical style of the Peruvian Andes, many processions, all different as those of the trustees of the villages during the “Lord Afflicted” and “Lord of Souls” or the promenade of the recognized “little saints” by the children in the province of Carhuaz, are few. Of course you cannot help appreciating the beautiful carpets of flowers, made from natural flowers in the area, which incidentally boasts a variety of important.

July is the month in my home country Peru, Carhuaz therefore cannot be free of the celebrations; they are carried out on 28 July as the central day. The city of Carhuaz harnesses the sun of the season and promote various activities among residents, activities are crowned by the popular national holiday parade and the burning of a castle usually 13-story full of fireworks, with a medley among the residents and visitors to the area.

Carhuaz of holiday

The festival of Carhuaz is holding or Mechita Mama Meche (Maria Auxiliadora). This festival is the main, the patron saint of the place, here are chosen “stewards” who officiate at the feast of the city and in every celebration you choose the steward of the following year may also be at the bidders, the faithful who give gifts and donations to sponsor the celebration.

In late August and early September start kellis popular, which are a kind of reminder to the suppliers to fulfill their promises. The amazing and funny thing is that the steward should eat and drink with everyone present, so you can imagine how it ends at the end of the day. Thus it is said that the butler for young people to join him in carrying out such a feat. After the shots taken with the butler and he delivered what was offered, some nuts are released that tell the steward that it’s time to retire.

Traditional festivities in Carhuaz

The central date of the holiday is on September 24, where after a spectacular procession through the city, the butler greets guests at home or selected local, serves the popular ham llunca and above, offering beer, beer and dances of the place that ends with the burning of a castle that becomes a festival of lights at night.

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