Tourism in The Charming Galicia

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Tourism in The Charming Galicia

Located northwest of the Iberian Peninsula is one of the regions of Spain. Is a region of indescribable beauty, is charming and magical landscapes of vivid green, blue sea and a unique cuisine.

Galicia is the ideal place to spend a holiday destination of great importance to go on trips, whether for a weekend or more, you’ll be delighted with what they find, its landscapes, its climate and many places to discover. The tourist attractions of Galicia are given for its beautiful natural places, its traditions, its culture, its beaches, rivers and history.

Galicia is the Spanish region which offers spas mayor, has excellent bathing facilities, thalassotherapy, as well as sites for rural tourism, beaches bathed by the Cantabrian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The Autonomous Community of Galicia consists of the provinces of La Coruña, Orense, Lugo and Pontevedra, each of these provinces with its own particular charm, also belong to this community of Las Islas Cies, Cortegada, Arosa, the Sisargas and Malveiras, the archipelagos of the Ons and Sálvora.

Ferrol á noite por xaimex.

Rias are of great importance in the fishery, the coast of Galicia is one of the important areas of fisheries in the world, as well as a long of its 1,500 miles of coastline there are magnificent beaches of extraordinary landscapes, which makes it a great attraction for thousands of tourists who flock to its beaches.

Galicia’s cuisine is a cuisine of high quality and variety which prevails as the main ingredient and seafood. Considered one of the tourist resources in Galicia. Galicia has a wide selection of hotels, hostels, guesthouses and inns, places for camping and rural tourism accommodation, in addition to mountain hotels and hotels in nature.

The festivals of Galicia are very important for the expression of the folk tradition where you can appreciate the cultural values of people of the region. Notable among them the feast of the Apostle Santiago de Compostela, patron of the town of that name which falls on July 25. The Viking Festival held in Pontevedra on the first Sunday of August.

Cementerio de Ortigueira (A Coruña) por Arbego.

The Celtic World International Festival of Ortigueira, it celebrates the first half of July in La Coruna.  A Rapa das Bestas, is held the first weekend of July in Pontevedra among other festivities.

If it is you want to enjoy nature, sun and beaches, awaits Galicia.

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