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“There is simply one place on earth that has it all”.

Only one country possesses everything the planet has to suggest: all the microclimates, all the regions, each kind of animal, they are all here in Peru.

Like an enormous directory Peru can give you an idea about the best of its coastline, its highlands, and its tropical forest. Rivers, lagoons, mountains, valleys, dances, traditions, the food, drinks, ceremonies, cultures, historic ruins shrouded in the supernatural. From pacific coasts up to the snow line, from the Sechura desert to the Andes, from flamingos to vicuñas, from Señora de Copacabana to Lake Titicaca, from the huayno dance to the Alcatraz, from dishes as “Ceviche” to “Chicharron”, from “Chicha de Jora” maize (corn)) beer to distilled Vino, from Alga Rubina Carob Honey to the Ayauasca vine, from the ruinas de Tiawanacu to Machu Picchu you can acquire everything, completely everything, in the same place.

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  1. Travel to Peru Says:

    Travel to Peru…

    In the evening or at night, enjoy the modernity of the city of Lima on the Miraflores district at the Larcomar shopping mall, with a fantastic view of the Pacific ocean, beautiful people, modern shops and good restaurants. Barranco district has a nice …

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