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Mexico is a country with an immense tourist wealth. Their very different geographical areas it is still more peculiar and interesting. A mountainous landscape in the hinterland gives way to an Atlantic coast, east tropical Pacific coast and another strong feature in its coast. The pre-Columbian history and heritage is a rich dramatic. Civilizations, Aztec and Maya leave their traces on many sites and attractions (Tlaxcala, Colima, Tenochtitlan …). Its cuisine is original and strong flavors. A country to discover and fully enjoy …

1. Mexico: altitude sickness and the revenge of Montezuma , try to avoid them. For the visit to Mexico is a wonderful two to prevent risks to many travelers and tourists. Altitude sickness will notice symptoms such as headache, dizziness, weakness, difficulty sleeping, etc.. Mexico City in the height can exceed 2 235 – 3000 meters. If you have, rest in bed and if it persists try to travel to lower parts of the country. Montezuma’s Revenge ¨ ¨ refers to unpleasant diarrhea caused that sometimes they are caused by the change of water and food (I was in my country Peru, when he returns from the United States, after 7 ½ years). First, it is advisable to drink and brush your teeth with mineral water. For the latter it must be eaten with caution, especially spicy foods and strong.

2. Capital: Mexico City, a city of 21 million. Mexico City is one of the largest and most complex in the world, the third in population. A visit to a city so vast that it is appropriate to plan. Let’s adventures in other places more quiet and follow the general advice of the agencies and guides. No visit problem areas, no unauthorized use taxis (usually small) … care and attention to the possibility of theft, do not carry valuable items. Nor is obsessed with insecurity. Enjoy a great city. In the central part of the city’s attractions such as the excavation of the Templo Mayor, colonial palaces, the cathedral and most especially, the Zócalo, the second largest square in the world with a unique atmosphere, and so on. See the best sights in the city of Mexico. Finally, air pollution is in the city of Mexico can cause irritation to eyes, nostrils and throat, fatigue etc … Try to avoid being outdoors too long if the contamination is high during their stay.

4. Hotels. Go to good hotels, for reasons of safety and service are worth.

5. Cuisine – Mexican cuisine. Mexican cuisine is excellent. Some experts consider among the best in the world for their originality, taste and wealth in general. If we could dare to taste the delicious eggs ants (escamoles, the “Mexican caviar”), and grasshoppers, maguey worms, white, etc.. in restaurants such as Churchill and Finance Morales (Mexico City). But not both, the diversity of cuisine, according to the region is vast and very rich.

Many of us have the habit of acting in good faith, although some parts can be found ill-intentioned people, take precautions before our trip, I hope that some of these points will help in the journey to Mexico.

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