The most beautiful tourist destinations in Brazil

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Paraty is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Brazil. It gathers all the qualities to make your vacation dream, rainforest, mountains, beaches and historic green waters and fine white sand.

The night life is in Ilha Grande, just a few kilometers, which makes Paraty an ideal destination for rest and alternating Jolgorio of the night.

This architectural and natural paradise is half way between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Its geography is simply stunning. It is located amidst the tropical jungle of the Sierra da Bocaina and its environs are a countless number of waterfalls, rivers, waterfalls and deserted beaches, giving you an endless itinerary for your stay. The river Pereque Azu, divides in Paraty and the Modern Historical Paraty.

For lovers of diving Paraty is one of the main centers of activity throughout Brazil. Its crystal waters are a perfect fit with the vast numbers of species living there.

In Ilha dos Hooks, purchase, Sernambi, Algodão, Catimbau, desert, rats Meros and find all the infrastructure and organization necessary to practice the activity.
Parati still retains one of the most harmonious architectural The colonial houses of the country, maintain the characteristics of the founding of the city, in the sixteenth century. Its cobbled stone streets, the old chain, strong, museums, boat houses and churches. Besides cultural attractions, the region also offers boat tours, fishing gear, and good restaurants.

The presence of water, cane sugar, masonry, the port and the routes of ancient pirates determine the way to the historic center of Paraty.

The streets were taken from the source to the west and from north to south, with a strategic twist to counteract the attack of pirates and a bit to defend the city, there are still vestiges of those times.
The Historical Center, considered by UNESCO as «the most harmonious set of colonial architecture is the declared national heritage IPHAN.

Its streets are protected by the old chains which prevent the passage of cars and still retain the colonial charm, combined with a diverse business, cultural and artistic expression very intense and distinct.

The cars can only move through the streets that are restricted to the Center: Patitiba, Domingo G. de Abreu, Aurora Street and Fresca. In Paraty you worth paying a little more to stay in a charming house of the season in the historic center of Paraty.

If you prefer more peace to your family, what you need is Condomínio Laranjeiras and spend some time at the Royal Resort in Parati.

Accommodation in Paraty:
In Paraty have varied for the hosting infrastructure to meet the various demands of tourists. A large network of hotels and lodges offer first rate and very different styles. There are inns that offer a high quality style, colonial, and inns that have the latest developments of modernity.
The options are varied, offering the possibility of obtaining young backpackers accommodation, as well as families and couples. If you are looking for quiet and relaxing option is the old town, where he will just steps from the best and most varied cuisine.

Hotels Inns and most recognized are:
• Hotel Coxixo
• Hotel Pousada do Forte
• Pousada Acquamarina
• Pousada Azul
• Britannia Inn
• Pousada Bromélias
• Pousada Cicerone
• Pousada da Marquesa
• Pousada do Ouro
• Pousada do Principe
• Pousada Laguna Blue
• Pousada Morro do Forte
• Pousada Porto Imperial
• Refúgio Pousada das Caravelas
• Pousada Villas de Paraty
• Pousada Villa del Sol

It also has the possibility of renting houses and flats facing the sea by contacting one of the important local real estate.

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