The Tomatina Festival in Valencia

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tomatina en Valencia (Buñol) 2007 por luduran.

La Tomatina Festival in Valencia Buñol is a tourist destination that cannot be lost tourists in the period this summer. The story goes back to 1945, when a youth group to a passing parade of cabezudos resolved a dispute pulling tomatoes from side to side of the street. Buñol City Council from 1980 began to distribute free tomatoes and those who had participated for decades in the party, and considered that since 2002 of International Tourist Interest.

The Battle of the Tomatoes
On 26 August every year, at 11:00 am begins the battle of the tomatoes that lasts about an hour. To participate in the City of Buñol offers these small indications of civility and coexistence are necessary to develop as the festival every year, ie without any problems:

• You must not come with bottles or any objects that might cause accidents
• You must not break t-shirts.
• The tomatoes must be crushed before being released to avoid damage to anyone.
• Please be careful when passing trucks.
• When shooting in the second case should stop throwing tomatoes.

Some practical recommendations for participation in the war of the tomatoes are very simple but it’s worth more to know them before you meet with surprises:

– Do not participate with flip flops or sandals, slippers rather closed and old enough ..
– Do not wear clothes you want to reuse … Left me like a fiasco ..
– Some wear goggles to dive, they serve a lot to chop the tomatoes in her eyes.
– Looking for accommodation in Valencia, but will be complicated.
– Do not ever bring better camera … if you bring along a water…
– Try to go unnoticed, or if you cannot be the target of more than 30,000 people.
– Finally, many tourists are advised to make the most in a climate of good vibes, but downloading a lot of adrenaline.

The Waterfight por blue_rat.

Getting to Buñol
The village is located Buñol west of the province of Valencia in the region of La Hoya. The municipality covers a total area of 112’4 km2 and its altitude over the sea is 347 meters.

A Buñol can be reached from Valencia and Madrid, using the roads or by train, and if coming from abroad could reach both cities by air, road or train. In the case of Valencia to be on the shores of the Mediterranean, is also accessible by boat or ferries.

To get to the Tomatina Buñol, via Valencia, it is best for the A-3 Madrid-Valencia. If you come from Madrid can be reached via the same highway but in the opposite direction.

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