The Spa Corconte – Burgos

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At Km 60 of the N-623 Santander-Burgos, is the «Spa Corconte.» Nestled in the fertile «Valle de Valdebezana» (Burgos), which covers the waters of the Ebro reservoir, at an altitude of 850 m. above the sea, with a stimulating environment and an idyllic, unique for its beauty and tranquility.

Valle de Valdebezana

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Around the place:

Their mineral-medicinal water, which is defined as chloride, sodium-sulfur (as prescribed by Dr. Marañón their patients at the Hospital General de Madrid), is indicated for the treatment of kidney stones, arthritis, arthritis, joint pain, osteoporosis, gout and diabetes.

In the place known as «The Fuentona» in Fontibre (Santander), comes to life the Ebro burguesón and quiet. He began his career parsimonious life, aware of its importance because it owes its name to the Iberian Peninsula. Flies, arrogant, the flag of the mightiest river, ignoring, undaunted, their status as «RIO, SA», as their wealth because the river is small and anonymous others (Hijar Rucebos, guar, Ubaina, the axes, Polla, Riopanero, Mardancho ..) which empty into the anxiety, only a belated recognition that never comes.

The Spa Corconte - Burgos

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Cross «Reinosa» and makes a stop on the way in the impressive Ebro reservoir: A sea of blue that blends with the sky and rests on a bed of grass. He continues his journey, capricious and inconsistent, charting a course that knows no boundaries or provinces: Now Burgos, Santander again (the «Commonwealth Valleys» made up «Valdeolea» ignores the river and put aside, «River Valdeprado ‘which runs almost entirely, and after a brief nod to Palencia, «Valderredible» where reenters gunpoint Burgos and start forming a tour of breathtaking beauty).

Views on location:

Following the river you get to crack «Orbaneja del Castillo», a village carved into the stone, majestic and strong like no other. From «Villaescusa de Ebro» takes you along a rural road, 1 mile away, a place known as «The Tobazo» a karst upwelling that forms the platform of «La Lora». Continue to «San Martín Elin» where we expect a wonderful collegiate church of S. XII. A careful and beautiful outside, we regret not being able to visit the inside as it is to be closed working day.

We decided to stop for lunch in «The Ruerrero» another small town that still retains its charm, with a medieval tower of S. XIV, almost in ruins, and an arched bridge over the «Riopanero.» In «House Puri» we agree with several workers who are repairing the road leading to the town needs it!. Taste, first, a delicious stew of potatoes with «vein», a bit spicy. Croquettes of a second (giant) and for dessert, I can not resist, cheesecake, the best I’ve tasted in the area!. Soft, delicate .. Delicious!. For 10 € we ate fantastically. After paying, the owner gives us a shot of sloe gin produced by themselves.

The Spa Corconte

Photography by escobrice

The second day, from «Fontibre» up through «Paracuelles», «Shin», «Celada of Whales», «Riano,» «Emtrambasaguas», «La Lomba» and «Brañavieja» climb down a path of mountain that invites vertigo, to the ski resort «St. Anton,» the most important of the Cantabrian Mountains, with peaks over 2,000 meters. We reached the «Mirador del Chivo source» where snow, fog and wind, determine the vision of a unique landscape.

A trip peaceful, relaxing, entertaining and, of course, desirable…

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