The mystery of Pi in the pyramids of Egypt

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The mystery of Pi in the pyramids of Egypt – Part I

Pyramid of Khafre

Long before it became fashionable theories about the construction of the pyramids of Egypt or that talk of aliens, inhabitants of Atlantis, it was thought that they were the work of God. The early Christians and Muslims believed that the pyramids were built shelters to survive the Flood.

Already in the nineteenth century, some findings suggested that the construction of the pyramids was influenced by a superior body.

These theories led to the creation of new pseudo science: mathematics of the pyramids, «numerology» and related astrological type the constellation of Orion with the pyramids of Giza, among others. Since then, many have believed that the mysterious connections numerical magna found in these works as part of a grand plan. The most famous of these digital connections is the omnipresence of mystery pi the largest monument ever built by man in stone, the pyramid of Cheops.

What is Pi, and how it can be found in the Great Pyramid? Pi, in itself, is no magical or mysterious invention. It is simply the value that we must multiply the diameter of a circle to its circumference. The approximate value of Pi (3.141592 …) this can be obtained from simple experiments. We take for example a wheel of a meter in diameter, we rotate until the entire surface has touched the ground, and it is no secret that the way you have done the wheel will be around 3.14 meters. Or just as easy, we encircle the wheel surface with a rope, and measure its length. We will also 3.14 meters.

Pi is an irrational number with infinite decimals, and can be calculated to a minimum of two decimal places. It is impossible to experiment with a more precise wheel of Pi «3.14 + / – 0.05», so if you find a far more precise in the dimensions of a building we have a proof irrefutable mathematical knowledge very advanced.

The ancient Egyptians simply used 3 as a multiplier, and this measure them was enough for most everyday applications. Much later, hundreds of years after construction of the Great Pyramids, was when they began using as 3 + 1 / 7.

The Great Pyramid of Cheops has a base of 230.38 m in length and a height of 146.6 m. Taking twice the length of the base, and divide by your height, get the value of «3.14297 ….» It’s a great approach to the value of Pi, rather than the value that the ancient Egyptians may have been estimated with measurement of 3, so … we face the obvious sign of a design by a higher being? The response of scientists is a clear «no.» Why not has a better explanation to give?

Some say that this value of Pi in the pyramid is mere coincidence (quite coincidentally, equal the value of Pi to four decimal places). In addition, several other pyramids designed using the value of Pi, even more accurately. More coincidence? Do not think, so that other scientists have found a theory that would explain the mysterious presence of Pi in the pyramids. Suggest that the presence of Pi in Cheops is due to the measurement methods used in ancient times. The Egyptians mediate distances in «real elbows,» which amounted to 0.523 meters. The base of the pyramid of Cheops is exactly 440 royal cubits long, and its height of 280 cubits. How did the Egyptians to measure distances as great?

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    Can anyone find out the distance from pyramid. In Egypt to ones I’m Mexico and so on

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