The modern city of Antwerp, Belgium

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Medieval Castle Het Steen - Antwerp, Belgium por Batikart.

Antwerp is one of the most important cities in Belgium, located in the heart of Flanders, cosmopolitan city and one of the largest ports in Europe, famous for its Gothic cathedral. Located on the Scheldt River is a city that always seems to be popular, is also the world diamond center.  Antwerp is also the city where the great artist Peter Paul Rubens developed much of his extraordinary work and lived the last years of his life, the artist is the symbol of the city. Antwerp is one of the most significant university cities of Belgium.  Antwerp is a modern and avant-garde, thanks to the merchants who arrived in the sixteenth century by the Scheldt river, turned into a city with the most important trading port which is maintained until today.

Antwerp became very important in what regards to fashion thanks to work done by the so-called “Antwerp Six” in the design of modern and avant-garde clothes getting worldwide recognition. The city is the Flanders Fashion Institute created to promote and support the Belgian designers, the Fashion Museum and the Fashion Department of the Academy of Fine Arts.

be03b046 Groenplaats, Antwerp Belgium 2003 por CanadaGood.

Every year there is a very important event where new fashion designers show their creations.
Antwerp is an open city because of its proximity to the border with Holland, likewise in the city is the largest Jewish community in Europe who were the ones who started the business of diamonds making it a very important item to the extent that the city concentrates 85% of global production of rough diamonds.

The tourist attractions are found around the Grote Markt, where we will see beautiful architectural buildings of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, as the City Hall building built in the fifteenth century, monuments in which its Brabo, founder of the city. It also highlights its beautiful cathedral not only for its architectural value, but it saved the best works of Rubens.

The Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum Plantin-Moretus, are part of the tour that every tourist must do in Antwerp, but what is most striking in the city is the large amount of fashionable clothes shops, be obliged around them. The Museum of Photography where you can appreciate the history of this art, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Antwerp, which houses temporary exhibitions and a permanent collection makes up the attractions of this beautiful city.

Antwerp, Belgium 109 - Grote Mark (Town Square) por Claudio.Ar (away until Nov. 23).

In the southern part of the city of Antwerp, is known as the city’s commercial district, there you can find many bars, restaurants, art galleries and trendy shops, also known for its bustling nightlife, where young people are fun for him. But you can also find housing where it shows the art deco architecture of central Europe.

Antwerp modern city today, the ideal destinations for leisure travel and soak in the culture.

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