The legendary Carl Theodor Bridge – Heidelberg

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If you had the opportunity to visit Prague, you know that one of the icons of the Czech capital is the Charles Bridge, which is also a maximum concentration of tourists. For in the historic city of Heidelberg in Germany, there is also a Charles Bridge, part of its most characteristic image, from the viewpoints of the Philosopher’s Walk.


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Actually called Karl Theodor Bridge in honor of the Elector Palatine Carl Theodor, who had it built in 1786 in place of an original wooden bridge in the late thirteenth century. This was destroyed by a flood in 1784, it was decided to build a new stone bridge.

Precisely in the left column of the first arch of the bridge, after the Puerta de Carlos, you can see the dates indicated and the height of various floods in Heidelberg, which is reflected among the great flood of 1784. To reach the Charles Bridge Teodoro from Heidelberg’s historic center, on the north side of Market Square Steinger take the short street, with restaurants and lively pubs.

Karl theodor bridge

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Carlos door in Heidelberg:

Nothing you take the first view of the aforementioned Carlos Gate, a triumphal arch that once formed part of the city walls. In a plane that is in a former lookout Philosopher’s Walk, you can see the image before the actual bridge of stone, which was covered and had a tower on the shore opposite the Gate of Charles.

The first thing you’ll notice before crossing the bridge is the modern metal sculpture is located to the left of the Puerta de Carlos.

Karl Theodor Bridge in Heidelberg:

This is the monkey bridge, which was installed in the 70′s and remember a historic sculpture of a monkey with a mirror that for centuries was located on that site, which represents the idea that before criticizing others, look you in a mirror, because you might discover you’re a monkey.

The tradition says that if you touch it, you better health and return to Heidelberg. The truth is that the monkey is an attraction for tourists.

Crossing the bridge you will see that there are two large sculptures in honor of Charles Theodore and Pallas Athena. That, the best panoramic views of the Charles Bridge Heidelberg Theodore will have them from the Philosopher’s Walk. Just the straight path and direct access to it find it just across the bridge.

The legendary Carl Theodor Bridge

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Not the Charles Bridge in Prague, but when you visit see why Heidelberg is one of the icons of the German city.

Good trip to Heidelberg!

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