The Fallas festival in Valencia

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Las Fallas IV. El pasacalle 1 por Enrique JM..

The Valencian community is party every year as the festival celebrates Internationally recognized as the «Fiesta de las Fallas, light, color and fire flood the streets and squares of towns and cities during these days until 19 March, the La Fiesta people live fully.

The protagonists are the castles, and monuments mascletaes, the smell of gunpowder, the band’s music and the sound of their music.

The festival of Las Fallas is famous worldwide for its importance has been declared a Fiesta of International Tourist Interest. This festival has its origins in the manner of the artisans who when spring cleaning their timber and pulled the planks, boards, beams and other things that no longer used and Apollo in the streets and then set them on fire, eventually cities began a collecting old furniture and other things that no longer served them and piled in the streets to burn.

By becoming a popular party, the furniture burned before they were replaced by ninots, which are figures that represent characters of the community, what are the critical nature and burlesque, also called flaws, made from combustible materials and burned. The peculiarity of the failures is the satirical representation of a social event and criticized the intention is to mock and criticize fact, it is depicting scenes or characters that deserve correction.

In 1927 the Association for the Promotion of Tourism «Valencia Attraction» fallero organized the first train, the event became a total success since then is a very important tourist attraction. The success of this event myself to be better organized as the Association and is formare fallero Committee for organizing the party.

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In every corner of the capital of Turia, 700 monuments will fallas, and is an opportunity for tourists to make a tour through the principal streets and celebrate the Fallas in Valencia.

Las Fallas is a festival that is held from 14 to 19 March, in honor of St. Joseph patron saint of carpenters, is a traditional festival of great popular support in Valencia and nearby localities, is now one of the most important attractions of Spain, who arrives in the central time together more than a million people, in a sense one can say that is the Carnival of Valencia, a show of firecrackers and fireworks that will lead the 14 hours in the Plaza City Hall in downtown Valencia.

The flaws are figures of several meters high, many of them over 30 feet high, surrounded by figures. The artists, craftsmen, sculptors and painters put to work many months in advance to build these monuments to the various committees that hire. The flaws are installed in the streets on March 15 evening, the day of the plant and the event at which it burns, the fault is called La Crema.

On the night of March 19th is called La Noche del Fuego, is the most important manifestation of the pyrotechnic Fallas is a beautiful fireworks display lasting about 40 minutes where they burn more than a ton of powder and one where they congregate large crowd of people.

For these dates have been scheduled special trains midway between Valencia and Alicante During Fallas week to meet the high demand that occur on the occasion of these festivities.

Topdeck Tour Group in Valencia por Las Fallas Festival.

Valencia, traveler friend is waiting to enjoy together the excitement of the Fallas festival.

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