The City of Albufeira – Portugal

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Have you ever imagined being in an old city with Moorish streets, beaches and crystal available at the same time, the comfort that the modern age offer? Albufeira is a city. Historic, cosmopolitan and very welcoming.

Albufeira is one of the oldest cities in the Algarve. Its name comes from Arabic and means «castle of the sea». Occupying a central position in the region becomes more attractive because it encapsulates characteristics of both windward leeward like.

Once a typical fishing village that fell in love with artists, painters, poets and writers, Albufeira today reaffirmed as one of the most important and lively resorts of southern Europe. Over more than 30 kilometers of coastline, here are the most beautiful and varied beaches of Portugal. Breathtaking scenery, fine sand and crystalline waters, with pleasant temperatures. A modern town, nice, active and exciting, but respectful of its heritage, its history and traditions. And Albufeira has much to offer. In summer, the sun, the animation and joy. In winter, with a comfortable temperature, the flavors to discover, places to visit. For the full year, with excellence in the hospitality, the professional who enjoys hosting and sympathy for those who know get contagious. And if on the coast, the old center we relive the past and refers to other experiences that intersect with marked modernity, as we go into the interior discovered the engraved lines with a personality all its own. And that’s where we see that Albufeira is much more than Tues If the blue water sparkles in Albufeira, the green fields captivates and seduces. And then there is this immense human heritage made up of people who enjoy receiving and sharing this world so special. A taste that makes a town Albufeira one of great cultural diversity.

Visit Clock Tower bound, the Clock Tower is the masterpiece of the city. The monument is located at Rua Bernardino de Sousa, near the beach Peneco. Built on the ramparts of the castle, near the old entrance to the main square of Albufeira, this is one of the ancient towers of the medieval castle which survived until today. In the nineteenth century, the tower was provided with an iron crown that holds the hour bell. At night, the clock tower is illuminated and becomes a reference point for those who appreciate the nocturnal landscapes of the center of Albufeira. Chapel of Mercy former Arab mosque, the Chapel of Mercy is located at Rua Henrique Calado and served formerly of Chapel keeper of the castle. In 1499 it was restored as a Chapel of Mercy.

Albufeira 2006 por saimens.

Located 5 miles north of Albufeira, Ferreira is now a flourishing parish. The town was the scene of the Roman occupation, and shall retain vestiges dating back to s. II a.C. Initially known as Lagoas, due to gaps forming in the rainy season, the current name is linked to the existence of a family whose surname was Ferreira, and who settled in this region in the mid s. XIX.

The Railway Station, part of the history of the town of Ferreira and Albufeira, the railroad station Ferreiras not only honors but also the town, given its importance as one of the main gateways to Albufeira. In 1918 was when the first steamboat came from Terreiro do Paço (Lisboa) at 20h00, through Barreiro, holding his arrival in Albufeira scheduled for 7h04. Since November 1926, fast trains began stopping at the station in Albufeira, in Ferreiras. Later in 1938 the Algarve Railway Company initiated the connection between the town of Albufeira and Ferreira, through regular lines that remained until today. Architectural heritage in the urban center you can find some typical houses with flower-beds, roofs and chimneys. In addition, an extensive rural heritage, formed by wind mills, presses, threshing floors and treadmills. Church of S. José de Ferreiras Ferreiras The parish church was inaugurated on 30 April 2000 and is located north of the town of Ferreiras, imposed by its size and its octagonal form. The bell tower is topped by a globe symbolizing the earth and a rooster-shaped weather vane, both made of copper. In the center stands a fountain with water, symbolizing fertility and freshness.

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  3. Lourdes religious tourism in France Says:

    […] is countered by the commercial exploitation of religious beliefs among the people. If we add a beautiful landscape of the Pyrenees and a little history, we have a place whose visit is almost essential. From Spain […]

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