The caves of Guachipas in Salta

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Outside the traditional circuits, this trip combines a visit to the Pirgua del Sol, one of the archaeological treasures of the province, with a stay that keeps alive the tradition of the gaucho Salta. To do meet some interesting carriers in the city.

Valle de Lerma, in the Valle de Lerma, is the Vineyard, the charming village of old houses with galleries where, they say, the first vines were planted in the eighteenth century. Here the road is diverted Guachipas, 17 kilometers. Then at the height of the slope of Cebilar and The Lajar, a road climbs up to the eaves on the boards, should be careful because the signs can go unnoticed. We left the car and under a shining sun ascend a few meters walk to begin the exciting archaeological journey.

Las Cuevas:

Known as Oma Sacop (within the Pirgua del Sol), was a sacred site and oratory Guachipas tribes, who chose the place where the summit is crowned by a dedicated apacheta Pachamama, which receives the sun from birth to its setting.

The paintings, which were discovered in 1965, spread over thirty-three forwards, and dating from 900 AD to 1400 AD The first news of the place date back to 1903 when the prestigious archaeologists and J. Eric Borman B. Ambrosetti began studying the area. The latter name was given to the best-preserved wing, now protected by a fence, which seems entirely preserve this archaeological treasure of some unscrupulous visitor.

Salta. Catedral por Bracani....Antonio.

A stroll through the sites of Cerro Pintado is an exciting journey to the roots of the culture of its original inhabitants, whose daily life is extended as a large fresco by the eaves that are appearing as one ascends the hill, to show in detail different scenes of the protagonists.

On the red sandstone rocks of the Cretaceous geological period, the Guachipas, true artists left as illustrations in a book stunning drawings and paintings, some colorful, where characters appear in ceremonies, lines of warriors, shamans, shocking shield men, townspeople and animals as Suris, jaguars, birds, butterflies and flames.

Lovers of photography to capture images not stop at the spectacular site, some of which will have to obtain them lying on the rocks, as they are made on the vault with narrow eaves. Passengers traveling through the area like exploring on foot will find many more paintings in unexpected places around.

Pampa Grande:

After the long grind of travel Guachipas climbing caves, nothing better than to follow the route and calling at Pampa Grande, Salta delightful ranch of 30,000 hectares and huge historical value to take a short rest in a climate of genuine link with the more traditional of the province. Along the way are condors soaring over our heads a short distance, near the entrance to the ranch, 1,700 feet high.

As a small town, the site greets visitors with various houses of colonial architecture, chapel, school and first-aid room, maintenance workshops and a logistics center. Deep in the vast park highlights the main hull, which surprised by its splendor and grandeur. It still retains something of the imprint that gave him his first owner, Hernando de Lerma, who founded the capital of Salta, who claimed the land for himself when he met on the way to Upper Peru.

Today is an elegant country hotel with eleven rooms. Very surprised by an unexpected lake facing coastal landscape with dense forests of conifers silhouetted against individuals truncated hills of the region.

The town celebrates all religious and national holidays. Must-see is St. Rose of Lima, patroness of the place where you can share with the locals, the procession carrying the statue of the Virgin, framed by colorful paper flowers.

The party has its main attraction in the parade of gauchos, passing proud of his race dressed in the style of Salta, with hats, hats and ponchos, on horses.

A querendona por Eduardo Amorim.

“Bon voyage gaucho lands”

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