Spring in the land of Granada Nazari

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We welcome you to Granada, a city of contrasts and beauty, always vibrant and full of life. Garnata, as known at the time of al-Andalus, keep the lines of a golden age in the garden that is this land and who has marked them forever.


Photography by Unhindered by Talent

The arrival of spring wrapped with a special light, this may be the best time to discover a city in which the hand moves past this. But what gives us Granada? An amazing fusion of history, culture, and entertainment in its purest form.

The Albaycín and the Alhambra:

Everybody knows one of the wonders of the world, the Alhambra. The Moorish palace whose name means The Red, by the material used in its construction, is a symbol in this city. But it is not the only historic neighborhoods Realejo Albaycín and transport us to another time.

On the one hand Albaycín old medina that is in front of the palace. Walking through it is like leaving the city and enter a village. Wander through its streets and squares is one of those experiences as extremely pleasurable difficult to forget. The famous Mirador de San Nicolas, Carvajal, its Cármenes, Plaza Larga and tapas bars, … are just some of the many secrets hidden.

The area of the Sacromonte caves worth a visit, but if we do not know the area, preferably daily. We will have a peculiar angle to enjoy a unique view.

A recommendation: let yourself go by instinct, loitering, get lost, enjoy the quiet activity of the Paseo de los Tristes, … the best way to discover the secrets hidden in every corner, in every corner. If you have time, it is worth closer to Carmen de los Martires.

Spring in the land of Granada Nazari

Photography by rosarito_82

The Realejo:

The old Jewish quarter and the great unknown by most first-time visitors. Set back to the Alhambra, looking directly at the valley, gives us a different view of the city.

The top, which holds more historical nuances, is a network of small, steep alleyways and hidden corners of the square of the laundry, officially Puerta del Sol View the sunset from here is a truly poetic.

What about sites like the Campo del Principe, Plaza de Santo Domingo, some Cármenes … again stroll the recommendation remains in effect.

Bib Rambla and the Cathedral:

Finally, we end this brief review of the historical keys to the Cathedral of Granada, which includes the Royal Chapel where the kings are Catholics, among others, and the square of the Pasiegas, all within the same general area. Walking around here can come to the plaza Bib Rambla and Alcaicería, it might be time to think to take a break to discover the other view of the city.

The land of Granada Nazari

Photography Veronica Inspires

Entertainment in Granada

The youthful look, nightlife, fun … takes us on an endless road with tapas bars, nightlife areas, recreational and leisure activities …

The highlight is the tradition or custom of tapas, can find many bars of this type. A fairly common practice among young people is called “Caidita” tapas start a path at the top of Albaycín to follow a downward path until either the Paseo de los Tristes, either Elvira street. A good start of this route may be long plaza, where who wants to can try one of the most typical and peculiar caps, snails. Highly recommend the meat sauce or crumbs, any specialty in the city.

Regarding nightlife, the offer is so wide that we can find almost any style of bar, pub or nightclub. Another advantage we found is that there are different areas of travel, most of them around the center. From Elvira street Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, through parts of Realejo the night can become eternal.

The truth is that a city like this has many facets, each one more attractive, more exciting. Difficult to summarize in a few lines without leaving things in the pipeline, but perhaps now the sketch is something else altogether. If you still do not know, we recommend you seek your ticket to Granada and fully immerse yourself in its rhythms, its charms.

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