South Korea: Land of Buddhism

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Seldom can see cards with so many green areas, with large mountains are in tune in that color. This is a perfect place for Buddhism leave an important legacy, cultural heritage and wise he could inherit the future generations of the current South Korea. The Gyeongju Historic Area is located several palaces, pagodas, sculptures and vestiges of an art as varied as sacred to the believers of that faith. Works of art, more importantly, I think, in religious matters, were made between the distant centuries of VII to X.

South Korea: Land of Buddhism

Photography by rtclauss

There are five specific areas that make this place the UNESCO World Heritage Site by UNESCO:

Mounds Park Area:

The essence of Silla culture is reflected in the findings in the excavations of the park, including paintings, gold crowns, among other relics that testify to the spiritual greatness and riches of that people extinct.

Sanseong Fortress:

This fortress is a pioneer in large-scale buildings and great distinction, being influential Japanese architecture after s. IV, which was built when this area.

Hwangnyongsa Area:

Two of the most magnificent temples of Korea at that time are the Hwangnyongsa and Bunhwangsa. Important remains of the aesthetics of the town by Silla.

Mount Namsan Area:

Silla culture predates Buddhism so before Namsan Mountain was considered the venerable and one of the five sacred mountains in this town, which recently ran its first stage. When Buddhism became sediment is at the center of that religion just heavenly in its formation.

Weolseong Area:

It could be considered as the viewpoint, the historic as being the highest place you have a view to beauty of the area, naturally enhanced with a contrasting green without giving it a beauty comparable to a fancy cemetery. Even as a palace called Crescent is located on its perimeter, also an ancient astronomical observatory is one of the most enigmatic of the entire Asian continent.

When you decide to go sightseeing is what tries to visit as many attractions in one place, perfect property that falls in this historic area that goes back in time for the formation of major Asian nations.

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