San Luis de Marañón, more than an island in Brazil

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San Luis is the only Brazilian capital founded by the French, but, curiously, is Portuguese. The settlers came from here (the first that were established) and the most homogeneous of the civil architecture, its Portuguese origin in Latin America, recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Site like.

Its hospitality, it’s beautiful beaches, the legends and mysteries are only some of the factors responsible for this charm. But is the wealth of its architectural heritage of St. Louis that focuses its great power to attract a greater number of people that you visitors.

The ensemble of the Center for History is one of the most important in Brazil, with about 3500 buildings of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, mainly distributed andalusia district of Praia Grande, Desterro and Portinho.

Climate and Geography:
St. Louis is different from other capital cities of the andalusia being an island, so that’s a more pleasant temperature. Is located at 2 degrees south of the equator (ECUATORIAL line), in the northeast of Brazil. This one of the bays in San Jose and San Marcos, which includes the western part and several islands, such as fear and Tauá-Mirim, separated by small narrow. The metropolitan region of San Luis is formed by the cities of Alcantara, San Jose de Ribamar, Paço do Lumiar and Fox

How to get there?
By car: For the BR – 135, San Luis connects to the rest of the country.
By Bus: Bus Terminal of San Luis
The bus terminal has a restaurant, cafeteria, shops and craft, and other services. The regular lines leave every day for several parts of the state and the country

In boat:
Water terminal
Place to Embark and disembark passengers from the town of Alcantara and the Marañón.
Several lines depart regularly and daily from different parts of the state, leaving the water Terminal Ponta da Praia Grande and the expected. Despite having a port with the second draft of the world, and be well equipped, there is no regular lines of passengers that connect to St. Louis to other country’s capital, Port Itaqui is used mainly for the export. Of companies currently have four daily departures from the terminal to wait and Ponta da Cujupe and road MA 106 words Bethlehem St. Louis is more to cut to around 240 kilometers, which contributed much to increase the flow of tourists from Pará. St. Louis was recently included in the cruise tourist route to visit the North and Northeast.

By Air:
International Airport Marechal Cunha Machado
The Marechal Cunha Machado International Airport, has three boarding bridges, VIP rooms, workshops, post office, the automatic teller machines 24 hours, the food plaza of craft shops, as periodicals, reports of the trips, the service to the tourist establishments and other services. At the airport work management of the Air, health surveillance, Federal and Military Police, the Juvenile Court and the press-room, and also housing the Ministry of Agriculture.

In spite of this bad to be an island.

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