Rural tourism in Tierra del Fuego

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Tierra del Fuego is the name that designates the lands south of the Strait of Magellan and is the name under which the archipelago is known by the Big Island and hundreds of islands and smaller islands to the south of Cape Horn and shares borders with Argentina and Chile, both are known by the same name. The Big Island is considered the largest in South America. To the south is bounded by the Beagle Channel to the east by the Atlantic Ocean and west by the Pacific Ocean, the Argentina of the island corresponds to the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands, whose capital is the city of Ushuaia, Chilean and part corresponds to the province of Tierra del Fuego and its capital is homecoming.

Rural tourism in Tierra del Fuego

Ushuaia Island:
The topography of the island has two well-marked areas in the north are seen gently undulating plateaus and plains, whereas the south is decorated by mountains that are branches of the Andes, at the foot of these beautiful valleys are observed with lakes of breathtaking beauty and the higher mantle albo glaciers that impress the visitor. The Big Island has many rivers have their headwaters in the Andes and whose waters feed the flow of the Rio Grande de Tierra del Fuego flowing into the Argentine sea.

Almanza Tierra del Fuego:
The area north of the island is covered with short-stemmed plants dominated by grasses that are used by grazing animals such as sheep and cows, this land is used for the breeding of these animals which gives the area that rural environment. In the south the appearance begins to change, the natural border between north and south is Lake Fagnano, dominate the landscape the slopes of the Andes and the subantarctic forests.

The attractions of the area in regard to wildlife, the visitor can observe the presence of 197 species belonging to 47 different families, which are located in water bodies or lakes or near the coast, to name some of them such as penguins, albatross, cormorants, gulls and terns, for lovers of birds in their natural area is a paradise. The existing mammals are the guanaco, the red fox, the inhabitants of the sea are the sea lions and penguins.

Climate in Tierra del Fuego:
The island’s climate is very inhospitable, with uniform temperatures throughout the year, in summer the temperature in Ushuaia is 9 ° Celsius and in winter it can reach up to 1 º C. One of the characteristics of the island of Tierra del Fuego is the presence of peat bogs, is the presence of plant communities that occupy the bottom of the valley that lie between the Andes of Tierra del Fuego tourist interest by the beauty and color that gives the landscape, now used this natural resource in agriculture.

Anayet peatlands:
The characteristics of the island is a magnet for foreign tourists, the fact that Ushuaia is the closest town to the south pole, only about 4,000 kilometers far from it, is known as the southernmost city in the world, raising the interest to know this area. Moreover, we emphasize the growth of tourism has been growing mostly by the desire to know remote sites and facilities that provide access air travel and better equipped and safe boats.

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