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This time we decided to make a hotel route to Japan. We start our journey in the capital city of Tokyo. Here, one of the best economic options is to opt for Shinjuku Listel Hotel, a very cheap hotel, where you can get rooms from $ 90 per night. For the same price and maybe a little less can get accommodation at the Ginza Capital. If you prefer to stay at a luxury accommodation, then we recommend opting for the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo, where we pay more than $ 200 per night. Another luxury hotel in the capital is the Imperial Hotel Tokyo. Here the rooms exceeded $ 300 per night.

Route hotels in Japan

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If you’re traveling to the city of Kyoto, so if you want a cheap option, you can opt for the Unizo Hotel is an accommodation that offers rooms from $ 69 per night. A little more costly to stay at the Alpha Hotel as find rooms from $ 93 dollars. If you want to stay at an inn that offers wonderful views of the city then there is no doubt that the best option is the Ana Hotel, which sits in front of the Nijo Castle. The cost of a night here is $ 220. If you are motivated by something more luxurious then recommend to the Kyoto Hotel Okura.

Finally visit the city of Osaka, where we can find accommodation as the Tennoji Miyako Hotel, which gives us the opportunity to stay for $ 138 U.S. dollars, while at the Imperial Hotel will find rooms from $ 204 U.S. dollars.

Lodging in all price in Tokyo:

Thinking of traveling to Tokyo? Cool, then we’ll show you which are the most prominent hotels in the capital of Japan. If you intend to stay in the commercial area of Shinjuku, one of the best options is the Shinjuku New City Hotel, which offers rooms from $ 105 U.S. dollars per night. For about $ 30 more per night you have the possibility of staying at the Shinjuku Washington Hotel. If you intend to stay in a luxury hotel, nothing better to do at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, which is located in the Shinjuku Park Tower. Is the cost of the room? About $ 682 U.S. dollars per night.

Hotels in Japan

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If you decide to stay in the Ginza area, one good option is to opt for the Capital Hotel, which offers rooms from $ 92 U.S. dollars per night.

If you prefer to stay near the airport, then you can opt for the ANA Crowne Plaza Narita Hotel, which offers $ 115 per night. Something is cheaper to spend the night at the Sky Court Narita Hotel, where we can find accommodation from $ 70 per night.

Traveling to Tokyo

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If it comes to finding deals in Tokyo. One excellent option is to opt for the Tripadvisor website. Here we find the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo, which is located in the area of Chuo. This luxury hotel offers accommodation from 571 euros per night. Chiyoda Area is located another luxury hotel. We refer to The Peninsula Tokyo, where we can stay for 442 euros per night. Finally in the area of Minato, highlight to The Prince Park Tower Tokyo, this offers rates from 260 euros.

Good luck!

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