Puerto Rico is the land where the sun rises

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Puerto Rico is the land where the sun rises

They say its inhabitants, Puerto Rico is the land where the sun rises. And the truth is not wrong, one can well appreciate and spent a few minutes in your soil. Puerto Rico is a complete world whose charm and character is unmatched.

Its capital city, San Juan dazzles us immediately. Their roads look like a picture painted in a surreal way, linking neighborhoods, each with its features and textures, each with distinct taste.

Isla Verde has towers, casinos, luxury hotels and even a stadium cockfight. Carolina, meanwhile is the place to be the last dip (or first) before boarding. This beach is more than a kilometer long crescent-shaped and waters that meet the requirement of “Blue Flag”, is saying that the 27 conditions most optimal in terms of water quality, facilities, tourist information, security and quality of services requested by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Continuing along the county coastline would be a small replica of the best in Miami, with its trendy shops, restaurants good, boutique hotels along with constructions of art deco and nouveau style and even a very pretty lake. County also has a Blue Flag beach. The scale is an oasis of 150 meters in the care of a couple of headlands and a coral reef that look after the strong waves of the Atlantic.

Pine is a popular beach area covered by pines and poinciana. A curiosity of the area is seeing posts where pigs are sold whole, we can also find food stands typical of the region, one of the favorite dishes are the alcapurrias (almond leaves stuffed with yucca and fried plantains) or pies clog.

Old San Juan
This city was founded in 1521 should be savored time and dedication.
Its founder Juan Ponce de Leon was able to find on the peninsula that surrounds a bay inside, now converted into one of the busiest cruise ports in the world.  St. John is recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This city could withstand over time the British fleet attacks and Netherlands and more than a pirate seeking fortune.

The Spanish people rose in the first place the twin towers of the fortress and later the walls of San Felipe del Morro, culminating in the impenetrable San Cristobal, the largest fort built by the Crown in the New World.
San Felipe is located on the eastern tip of the peninsula (built between 1540 and 1783), now a museum with tunnels, passageways and steep gradients. Its six-level tower bears the marks of history engraved in stone.

To achieve this you have to cross a plain satin, which was a battlefield and now has become a place where tourists and locals usually enjoy playing with their kites. It has the characteristic of strong resemble Havana (Cuba), Cartagena (Colombia) because they were designed by the architect, Juan Bautista Antonelli (Italian).

At the end of the north wall is to protect the great St. Kitts with their tanks with more than 250 thousand gallons of rainwater. It’s worth taking some time and walk the mile that separates both strong and appreciate the wall, with its watchtowers, some of which may look out.

The Paseo de la Princesa is an ideal path to go for a walk at sunset, one of the wonders that are worth stopping to look at is the building of the Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, built in 1893, is an example of ” Caribbean deco advance “where you can watch a dolphin entering the bay.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

La Puerta de San Juan is the only entry that is still preserved, with walls that are 12 meters tall and with a thickness of 6 meters thick wooden doors close at night and open their doors.

The streets of Old San Juan are paved green, white and green rural house in the 1600 to 1800 in which they can appreciate and brakes ornaments of different colors (This helps to identify at the time that the streets had no numbers or names), their wrought iron balconies, thick with different green spaces, plazas and courtyards with dry occasional sculpture.  If you want to do a historical tour, has the opportunity to do so by a Segway, a personal transporter with electronic engine and two wheels, while balancing one will listen and watch carefully to what the guide suggests.  Another option, perhaps the best, is to walk its streets with eyes wide open, letting himself be captivated by its buildings. For example, the Cathedral, a medieval-style American town, with the convent turned into a 5 star hotel and a small but nice place sculptures.

The nightlife of the city begins at sunset and is terminated at midnight, except on weekends. Where the activity of the casinos, dance halls and in different theaters allow San Juan to offer their guests even more choices that lead to a visit.

Puerto Rico

Bon Voyage!

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