Prague: The Heart of Europe

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Rooftops in the Rain, Prague by Rita Crane Photography.

At the heart of Europe we find one of the most beautiful cities in the world and together with Florence, great exponents of art and world culture. We talk about the capital of the Czech Republic itself, the whole Bohemian Region, Prague. with approximately 1,200,000 inhabitants concentrated in 496 square kilometers, Prague is a cultural icon worldwide.

Known by several names, including “The Heart of Europe”, “City of the one hundred cupolas” or “The Mother of All Cities” Prague is one of the oldest European cities. It was estimated that the earliest human settlements are found in the Neolithic and the city proper was founded in 870, when it built the Prague Castle.

There is a legend Czech Princess Libuse, who fixed the place where the city would be fixed, shouting “the glory that will touch the stars” and have existed, was not far off, given the magnitude and the importance of cultural city in the world.

Gradually the city grew, until in the fourteenth century and begin a cultural flowering of the whole city, when the Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, Prague became the imperial capital.

The region of Bohemia becomes part of the Habsburg territories since 1526 and the late sixteenth century the city became the capital of Europe, moving toward it the cultural, political and social of the continent from the hand of the Emperor Rudolf II of Habsburg.

Well into the twentieth century and after World War I, becomes in the so-called Country Czechoslovakia, thus becoming independent of the Austro-Hungarian, dominant at the time. After the Second World War and survived the Nazi rule in the city, Czechoslovakia, he enlisted in the communist bloc led by the USSR. Broke out in 1968 called Prague Spring, a revolt of the Czechs against the communist regime quickly stifled by the Soviet Army, which dominates the city since then.

Until 1989, Prague becomes the center of the Velvet Revolution, which put an end to socialism in the country, moving to the capitalist bloc, at the same moment, flourished again as a major cultural center again in the world. In 1993, to be decided peacefully divide the country into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, to grow indefinitely since.

Since 1992, the historic old town was named World Heritage by UNESCO, and is a truly spectacular and unmissable visit. It conforms to the Prague Castle, Lesser Town, New Town, Old Town, Vysehrad, Hradcany, the Josefov district and Charles Bridge.

Hradcany from Vyšehrad by qatsi.

Prague Castle was built in the ninth century and is a true monument worth a visit, and some applause. It also contains the Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, the Basilica of St. George and the Monastery of St. George. Another thing it contains is the Callejon del Oro and alchemy common place to meet and Alchemists for the conversion formula of base metals into gold.

Czech Republic, Jižní Čechy region by Peter Fenďa.

The Castle gardens are beautiful, those who are on the hill below it. The gardens are Ledeburska Zahrada, Mala and Velka Palfyho Zahrada Palfyho Zahrada, with three beauty that dazzles visitors to the city. Also from there you can access Wallenstein Square.

In Prague, the castles are very common and found in all styles of art for us to imagine. From classic to modern, through Gothic, romantic, Renaissance and one of French style, as Konopiste. Gothic style found several as a child of Lednice, Karlstejn and Cesky Sternberg. Moreover, we find the Renaissance-looking Kromeriz and Cesky Krumlov. Finally we have the romantic style Hluboka nad Vltavou. Many of these castles have been renovated with the arrival of the Baroque to the city, and that is why we submit that. The influence of this branch of art and architecture is evident in every corner of Prague.

But it is only recommended for castles, but they found hundreds of places to visit in this place, how they are fabulous caves, which form a sort of labyrinth of underground rivers and the city where we will see several rooms with stalactites and stalagmites unique in the world, which is captured the mark left by the prehistoric. The tours are guided and there are three caves to tour.

There are also in Prague, a myriad of religious sites to visit, where we visit centers enormity of all religions are the places of pilgrimage for Faithful regulars from all over the world and both Catholics, Orthodox and Jews.

Regarding this issue, we find the famous Jewish Quarter Josefov, home to hundreds of people in this branch of religion from the early middle ages. The architecture will appreciate that there is unique in style, with facades decorated streets that carry their indescribable beauty. It is the only resort of Jewish historical monuments throughout Central Europe. Many of the original buildings have been transformed or are simply hidden behind modern facades, so we must pay due attention, to walk these streets as we find with many landscapes that in fact what’s really hidden.

Prague bridges are another major attraction of the city provides a unique landscape of the river Vltava, where we find romanticism in its banks simply spectacular.

Flights to Prague are very common from around the world since it has an excellent international airport. That yes, they are more common on flights from Europe, so if we are in another region of the world, a scale may be needed in some countries of this continent. Accommodation in Prague is very spacious with several hotels and hostels of different rates and qualities, thus you can accommodate our budget according to our accommodations. In general, travel agencies possess trips to Prague, which is not very recommended to those you want to tour at all and discover the secrets hidden in the heart of Europe.

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