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Munich is nothing less than the capital of Bavaria and is located in southern Germany, so visitors should feel immediately aware of being near the Alps and a landscape dominated almost the mountains. It is 300 kilometers to allow tourists to travel a very lively area, and München, as it is also called to Munich, from its inception is synonymous with joy and strength, making everything around them into living matter, entertaining and worthy of accessed by any group of young people in the world.

Munich to travel tips

Photography by Peter Shanks

The extension of Munich is bisected by the Isar River, which rises in Eiskarlspitze (Austrian Alps) and eventually flows into the Danube, while delivering feature presenting as many islands or river flow that leads from Austria in 295 kilometers. Thus, the beautiful German city was founded in 1158, which was converted into the residence of all the aristocracy and the nobility of the time, so even with two world wars and a committed history, one can observe perfectly the ancient architectures have been perfectly blended with new construction, in order to rescue them from the terrible disaster that involves a global conflict for a city that was in the middle of everything.

At Munich, we ask ourselves what do we do? And the answer is not left waiting, as we have nurtured a picture of that worth talking about regardless of the time as having many tourist attractions, sure there are a few that are particularly pleased the young public which is now our task. Hotels in Munich that can be accessible to young people are many and even can be negotiated hotel reservations for youth groups requesting special discounts for students.

Arriving in the city we might be a little tired and we want to be in the middle of everything, but without getting too involved, where we will use to organize with other fellow travelers that will last a few hours, then the best thing to do is go to the different “beer gardens” which are specifically outdoor places where one can sit and simply share, meet people and make a good German beer. Among the leading areas found one that we must not forget, the Chinesischer Turm, which has about 7,000 seats available to users.

Munich: Travel with friends

Photography by Peter Shanks

Obviously to the extent that over time we will want to go and experience other parts of the city and we will be more anxious to leave open space in which we are, so if we know more by mid-morning, nothing better than to visit the rich environment enveloping the German city of Munich, for culture involved can be seen in galleries, museums, streets, buildings, and generally everything around us, why then a small outline map of potential places to visit as entertaining spend our day.

As we just leaving the beer gardens, we will not really want to go to the “old Schwabing”, which is an area called the English Garden prolonged, so directly visit any neighborhood to eat and drink at noon, and better than Schwabing, which is a center near the university where you walk to watch and be watched. It also has some bars around where you are going slowly discovering what the city life, to be familiarizing yourself with what has been, to put it in some way. We finished eating, it is still early and have time for another visit intriguing in the beautiful city of Munich, so we will have to choose between the university quarter, the Glockenbachviertel (where you’ll find several offers, small bars, restaurants and an environment that is outlined as more “typical” of the area) and Heidhausen, which is where we will run flat with the Irish Pub, art clubs and some interesting things to keep us interested for a long time.

However, if we keep drinking beer and visiting very crowded hubs, we can leverage to make a cultural visit to the city center, where we will be flat in the middle of an entire medieval atmosphere that offers us know, for example, oldest house in the city (Winstadel), we will see castles, museums, among other things, which is worth highlighting again the pubs to try again a good beer.

Art and culture in Munich

Photography by Peter Shanks

We walked around the square and see the Opera Odeon in Munich and the most famous street in the city or “fashion” if you will somehow, we refer to the Maximiliansstrasse, which is a landscape of all fashion designers.

If you’re in the middle is impossible to not visit the Marienplatz, which is the square of the city are concentrated precisely where two of the most beloved works by its inhabitants, which are the town hall with its Glockenspiel (bell tower with moving images) but if you want to see one of your picture you have to be there at certain times, namely 11, 12, 17 and 21 hours.

We walked a lot, the beer tasted good, but we have to eat something … why do not we go to Viktualienmarkt?. This place is a great market where the best food dishes, as it concentrates the sale of food from all the city there. Among the outstanding options are different kinds of sausages (the white are exquisite), varieties of mustard, beer and roast pork Schweinebraten known as, or even perhaps a simple, but very rich salt bagel called Breze.

Finally, something that seems inevitable if you want to travel to Munich, try to arrange for September or at least back in September, for the first Saturday after the 15th of this month, beginning the so-called Oktoberfest, which is nothing less than the festival beer, where you have the opportunity to try and take, for two weeks, the best beers in the world, all focused on the Theresienwiese (Prado de Santa Teresa) and near the center of the city of Munich, where it already been near the central station Hauptbahnhof.

Bon voyage!

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