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The new web page for Montanejos thermal villa, in the province of Castellón, is a complete, modern tool helping to reinforce the district’s large number and variety of tourist attractions and resources and it has been promoted by the Tourist Dynamisation Plan that Montanejos is implementing.

This new promotion tool has been created following the concept of an integral web page and provides information, of interest both for users or potential visitors and for locals of Montanejos, on the geographical location, hotels, restaurants, health tourism, wildlife and sport, complementary offers, tourist promotion, leisure agenda, dynamisation plan and business area.

The page also includes a new option to make virtual visits, allowing users to find out about their tourist destination without leaving home, plus local weather conditions in real time. The new web page’s optimum usability is one of the most important features that was taken into account when creating this new portal. Montanejos is an inland district of the Region of Valencia, well-known for its offer in health tourism, with a beautiful natural environment making a large number of outdoor activities and sports possible.

The Center for Thermal Montanejos is one of the most modern in Europe, opened in June 1997, to be headed by a prestigious medical team. Hotel In Xauen combination with a 50 meter spa, Montanejos, offers a perfect combination of health tourism and nature, as their situation within the region, the Valley of Mijares, lets you perform other adventure activities and adventure-related the mountain.

1 DAY PROGRAMS at Weekend
Special «SPA» 1 day 30€
Special «RELAX» 1 day 40€
NOTE: These prices do not include accommodation, so it should be added to the price is mandatory on weekends with a minimum of regime in MP.

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