Luxury hotels around the world

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Dubai Burj Al Arab Hotel 2004 Sail hotel por divemasterking2000.

For the majority of these deaths are unattainable luxury hotels, I mean seven-star hotels, where everything is luxury, the sinks are gold and luxury suites are just extraordinary. They are the world’s most exclusive hotels.

Hotel President Wilson, is located in Geneva, with spacious and comfortable, equipped with everything that modernity offers us, modern and stylish facilities, offers customers the greatest luxury possible. Its rooms are the safest in the world because their customers are the heads of state, officials and high ranking executives.

Hotel Martinez in Cannes, where comfort and technology come together in harmony to provide a life of luxury, the hotel is located on the famous boulevard de La Croisette in Cannes, with a superb beachfront location, this hotel is concerning Coast French Riviera, an architectural beauty is one of the luxury hotels of Europe.

Grand Resort Lagonissi, built on the outskirts of Athens, on a peninsula surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, is the perfect choice for a trip at any time of year, either for tourism or business. Very close to the cultural treasures of Athens, with a privileged position in the Mediterranean, is the ideal place to enjoy total peace and tranquility.

Plaza Athenee is a luxury Parisian hotel, located between the Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower, decorated in Parisian style, this hotel offers 188 rooms (including VAT) 43 suites overlooking the elegant avenue Montaigne. Opened in 1911, the clientele is very select, seduced by the elegance of its decoration in terracotta, bronze and silver, and of course for their excellent care. A load of delicious cuisine is headed by renowned chef Alain Ducasse.

The Four Seasons Hotel, is located in downtown Manhattan between Park and Madison Avenues, between its customers are most Hollywood stars, with elegant surroundings and high quality service. Founded in 1960 and since then a continued opening more hotels in major cities of the world, and continues to innovate.

Burj Al-Arab, in this luxury hotel the number one rule is absolute luxury, built on an artificial island off the coast of Dubai in the Persian Gulf, United Arab Emirates. With a height of 321 meters. The service includes a butler 24 hours a day, Rolls Royce service and a helipad. It started its construction in 1994 inaugurated the first of December 1999, its shape resembles a sailboat or something. This hotel is in the category of seven stars, by their unique characteristics, has nine restaurants and one of them is under the sea and offers an underwater view of marine life.

Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai por ossewa.

Ciragan Palace Kempinski, located in the city of Istanbul, built in a former palace that belonged to the last Ottoman Sultans. It is a luxury hotel overlooking the Bosphorus and with large windows from where there is the old city Istanbul. It is decorated with antique pieces and original paintings Ottoman offers a unique experience in its historic and luxurious settings.

Hotel Las Ventanas al Paraiso, located in the Gulf of California, Mexico, surrounded by the sea, also has swimming pools, beaches, spa and private jacuzzis. Among his clients include movie stars, pop stars and millionaires who are looking to relax.

Stunning luxury hotels!

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