Leticia, the Colombian Amazon

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Go well or go wrong, a trip never forgotten. Remains in our memory, but there are also trips to the head of the carry in our hearts. This is the case of Leticia, capital of the Colombian Amazon.

And is that Leticia is the traveler offering the best we have: Nature.

Leticia A is reached by river or air, it takes just under 2 hours from Bogota. Land forget because there are no roads that lead you there.

This population of women with the name is the capital of the Colombian Amazon and lived in logging, fisheries and tourism, but for years was a perfect place for drug trafficking. But this time, only the legend of a mysterious and finances almost all say it’s a drug. Yet in Leticia with drug trafficking or not there are more than 20 exchange sites.

They live about 25 thousand people scattered in the jungle and the river, most are indigenous Ticuna, waters, toucans, nukaks …

Leticia borders Brazil and Peru and that means that the people coming and going from one country to another is continuous. For example, Colombians like Leticia canoe closer to Tabatinga (Brazil) and made some caipirinhas and Peruvians and Brazilians like to go to the Colombian city. If you want you can go canoeing, but you can do so by taxi on a road at times with and sometimes without asphalt. Are 2 km and in my case I decided to go a walk.

But what you see in Leticia? I believe that to be sufficient, but even so you can see the Zoo and Botanical Gardens Francisco José de Caldas, Think not to find the animals in a zoo that is conventional, we know what is going to see species that have ever seen.

In the surroundings of Leticia can visit the natural parks of Amacayacu.

Natural Park Cahuinarí: black caimans live long and 10 meters charapa are freshwater turtles of the world’s largest, unfortunately endangered.

I recommend a river trip to see caimans and piranhas. you  intoaccount to any program or programs out yourselves with some fishermen in the area takes you on his boat for little money. The tour is done at night to see the red eyes of alligators and lit on the River. The alligators are hunted not only captured and uploaded to the boat so that you see, touch your skin very soft … nothing more, because then return to the river launch.

You can also go to the lakes Yahuarcacas, which is 2 kilometers and float where the Victoria Regia, giant lotuses can withstand the weight of a baby.

Another very special place is the Isle of Micos 40 km from Leticia (river), famous for the amount of “primate brothers” and that there is certainly nothing shy away because you get to eat that will give you and jumps around getting caught so without asking permission.

A river about 80 kilometers to Puerto Nariño can go and visit the Indian reservations and Ticuna Yaguas. The latter he painted faces with red lines to enter their town (Yagua means red). A few others and they can buy handicrafts from the area: dolls bark, blowguns, tapestries and paintings made with fabrics and paints made from plants …

Nearby you will see the Tarapoto lake, habitat of the pink dolphins.

From 15 to July 20 of each year, the country limit Amazon  (Peru, Colombia and Brazil) held in the Festival of Leticia Confraternity Amazon. If you are lucky enough to be know first hand the culture Amazon. Furthermore enjoy activities such as a triathlon of the Jungle, the night of folklore (Colombian night, evening and night Peruvian Brazilian, one each day). There are military parades, election of the queen international sports competitions … Let the boredom is prohibited.

And finally, how about eating a little fish in the Amazon: Gamito, pirarucu, gold … and exotic fruits such as araza the copoazú, aguaje, carambola …

Lombo de Piracuru com Banana da Terra por Ferraresso.

Here you will not have trouble finding or hotel or restaurants. I will recommend the Hotel Parador Ticuna. The rest of the adventure is up to you.

Von Boyage!

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