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Kunza Hotel Spa is the only hotel in Chile awarded the prestigious international magazine Condé Nast Traveller Hot List in the World’s Top New Hotels 2009. The new Kunza Hotel in San Pedro de Atacama, has changed the way we see the desert. Custody Licancabur, the shadow of Chan and layout of the water there is a great citadel. This maintains the sensitivity of the native peoples, without leaving the comfort of a luxury five star premises. Live is the key, the rest takes care Kunza.

Kunza Hotel


The Hotel is located in the Ayllu Yaye a mile from the famous village of San Pedro de Atacama, released by the Archaeological Museum Padre Le Peige, a couple of decades. It is the only five-star place. This remote spot, high amplitude and silence, invites you to relax your body and soul.

Meeting and connecting with nature:

Kunza, Atacama people’s native language which is translated into Spanish as “ours” is the continuation of the existing and the rescue of the old traditions. And his name honors them, the Lican-Antai, and gregarious former inhabitants of this arid area, who today reveal their dialect through this new refuge of the senses, installed spaces that invite you to find and connect to the nature.

Cordillera de la Sal:

This oasis is the culmination of an ambitious project led by outstanding professionals. 5,600 m2 are built in a unique environment in the area: wide open plains, permanent visibility Licancabur and Cordillera de la Sal, evidence gathered by the architect Cristian Boza, who ordered space significantly by geographic area.

Made under the concept of ayllu, Kunza integrates the site as an element of chañares vegetation, alfalfa and peppers. Under the motto “Live the experience Kunza” Kunze is a hotel in San Pedro de Atacama 5 stars, designed to offer an all inclusive service, so that guests can enjoy the full experience offered by the Atacama Desert from the comfort the hotel.

Rooms in the Kunza Hotel:

Mystical and magical, Kunze is the culmination of a unique blend of luxury with the wildness of the area. It has 60 rooms, 6 suites and 54 deluxe suites, all of 52 m2 have air conditioning and heating, private terrace, minibar, flat screen TV, Internet access, digital safe, laundry service, security system cameras and national and international telephony.

Kunza Hotel an oasis in the Atacama

Spa and Hot Tubs:

After a day of sightseeing, guests can return to the hotel and enjoy three heated pools and two outdoor jacuzzis. Within the complex there are 2 saunas and 2 wet dry saunas, massage room, gym equipment and even a hairdresser. It’s worth taking an hour for massage, reflexology and Reiki. Is being developed with essential oils of the area to leverage resources and medicinal herbs.

guests can return to the hotel

Excursions in the Atacama:

Kunza has created a 32 different tours that provide insight and experience much of the desert, its oases, the highlands and their culture. Every night the guest meets with the leaders in the Chasqui Tambo to discuss the next day rides where you can choose from a menu of up to 8 alternatives classified according to the length, difficulty and mode of transportation.
The tours are designed for ordinary urban people, who need no special training and skills. The team Kunza guides are highly trained in the knowledge of the area, becoming not only unforgettable traveling companions but in different environments translators of historical, geological, geographical, climatic, archaeological, cultural and wildlife. Note that the 32 trips are aimed at Kunza sustainability and community work.

During the tour you can see attractions of unique beauty, starting with the view Licancabur and Lascar volcanoes to reach the town of Toconao, built from stones Liparita, and continues to the salt flat, ending at the lake Chaxa. A large number of migratory birds fly over the place, sharing the experience with visitors.

the tour you can see attractions

South of San Pedro is accessed impressive Salar de Atacama, insert a huge lake in the desert with three species of flamingos. The picture is pristine in the eyes of visitors, over 100 kms. long by 80 kms. wide will appreciate the cobalt-rich salt and minerals caused by the evaporation of groundwater upwelling.

Tatio Geyser – Termas de Puritama:

Located 95 kilometers from the village of San Pedro de Atacama within the Reserva Nacional Los Flamingos, and is one of the highest geothermal fields in the world, located above 4,000 meters. Each morning at this natural wonder crop violent jets of water vapor, highlighting its majesty against the ground color and the blue sky. An unforgettable sight as beautiful columns wet morning.

Everything seems unreal. The water flowing from the geyser can reach up to 30 meters in height, and its temperature reaches 85°C, making it possible to boil an egg in a few seconds. Also, the hot springs that are formed in the near posones they let you enjoy a refreshing bath while watching the sunrise, surrounded by herbaceous vegetation by herds of llamas guarded and various species of birds.

the Atacama Desert - Chile

Atacama culture: past, present and future

Guarded by the high peaks of the Cordillera de los Andes San Pedro de Atacama is presented as a small oasis immersed in the highlands of Region II. Ancestral lineage, its roots are firmly rooted to the people Atacama-founders of the “San Pedro Culture” – who are strategically located in the Loa River basin. Sons of the Desert, they were the first farmers and sedentary peoples of the country, making their settlement 11,000 years ago in the first structure of the now well-considered archaeological capital of Chile.

It is a time where the minutes stop the slow pace of its 2,500 inhabitants, living reflection of the tranquility that inhabits this mystical place. Among its streets and adobe houses, San Pedro hide the reasons why visitors love: excellent gastronomy, handicraft center, the Archaeological Museum Padre Le Paige and a church. Pure simplicity.
Important changes in atmospheric pressure:

It is necessary to warn travelers that will be exposed to significant change in atmospheric pressure, which can cause them discomfort. Travel is the plateau, so that over 4,000 meters above sea level. San Pedro de Atacama is at 2,450 on this point.

San Pedro de Atacama

All this makes it necessary to take precautions to tourists traveling to the task, such as not eating heavy foods, not drinking alcohol excessively, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

San Pedro de Atacama is a mixture of past, present and future!

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