Knowing the Barrio Alto in Lisbon

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In Lisbon there are many cities to discover and transported from the Bairro Alto, Alfama is a comparison of contrasts that is worth enjoying. To start an interesting tour of the Bairro Alto, it is imperative to have a panoramic view of the city and to achieve this, the elevator de Santa Justa is undoubtedly the most spectacular balcony overlooking Lisbon.

Tour of the Bairro Alto

Photography by cheeseburguer720

This elevator turned into a monument and the architect of many photographs, makes it almost impossible not to get a beautiful view of Castillo de San Jorge, the Alfama, the Baixa and the Delta in an instant. More precisely is the junction between the vertical street of the same name and the square Baixa do Carmo in the Bairro Alto.

Raul Mesnier de Ponsard, born in Portugal and French parents, was the designer, although there is a widespread misconception that makes the mistake of attributing it to Gustav Eiffel because of the similarity in the style of both buildings.

Transported from the Bairro Alto

Photography by untipografico

Barrio Alto Views:

Alfama is next to one of the city where the roots of the city of Lisbon have more presence and roots. To visit the Barrio Alto is advisable to do so on foot, stopping to observe the details, because they spend of traditional streets with balconies with hanging clothes and children playing ball, squares and shopping streets where shops are cutting edge designer clothes, artists, sculptors and international brands, all in the same maze of streets.

The Barrio Alto is abuzz with entertainment day and night, but in the evening hours when young people take to the streets, full of restaurants and bars to enjoy the city. Lisbon is a city where the visitor will have no problem to find nightlife areas and are concentrated mainly in the Barrio Alto, younger, and in the Baixa, by the river, with terraces and a more relaxed atmosphere.


One advantage of the Barrio Alto is that it also has a varied cuisine to enjoy the abundant and rich Portuguese dishes, and before a night room moved. There are so many bars and open and close as many, which is almost impossible to make a selection and the best suggestion is to enjoy the night and go to input a drink enjoying a delicious caipirinha.


If we visited the Barrio Alto by day, the cultural offer is also present. We opt for the museums of Natural History and Science, located next to the Botanical Gardens, an ideal place for a stop on the road and rest of the rugged geography of Lisbon, built enter 7 hills, which ensures a lot of hills and stairs to Throughout the day, but really beautiful views of all its neighborhoods and monuments

Knowing the Barrio Alto in Lisbon

Photography by rhurtubia

Finally we say that Barrio Alto is the place that shows its contrasts, this view made through the historic streets and its modern tram, hotels and restaurants. An ideal place for those who love the nostalgic cultural past in a corner of Portugal.

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