Knowing Pisa and its surroundings

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Pisa is a small town in Tuscany, with a hundred thousand inhabitants. But this small town is famous for its leaning tower, the Tower of Pisa is located in the spectacular Piazza dei Miracoli.

Knowing Pisa and its surroundings

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Thanks to companies low cost flight can fly from many places in Europe to the airport Galileo Galilei of Pisa, as a destination to start a trip to Italy. It suggested a stop in this small town if you do a route, to take a getaway weekend, because this city is big enough to enjoy the delights of Italian for a couple of days.

The city of Pisa is located at the mouth of the river Arno and is a city that passed through the hands Greek, Etruscan and Roman. In the eleventh and twelfth centuries, Pisa spent his best years, coinciding with the construction of the Piazza dei Miracoli, which started on 1064. This square is formed by four colossal religious buildings, the Duomo (Santa Maria Maggiore), the Baptistery, the Campo Santo and the leaning tower or bell tower of the cathedral.

Knowing Pisa

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The Duomo or cathedral has a Latin cross plan, is the epitome of the Romanesque-Pisan architecture, besides having spectacular Byzantine paintings, and Arabic touches in the bows. The Tower of Pisa or the Bell Tower, is famous for its angle of 5 ° and 30 ‘. It has a height of 55 meters and six levels of galleries of columns. Has 294 steps leading up to the bell room, where Galileo Galilei, Pisa’s most famous intellectual, he performed his experiments on gravity. This work can be seen with a spectacular iron holding the tower for no further bending. Front of the Duomo is the Baptistery, the construction ended in the fourteenth century, and has the same height as the bell tower.


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Complete this spectacular set, the Cemetery, a marble building of horizontal lines, which has suffered many restructurings because of the damage suffered in the bombings of World War II. Besides the spectacular miraculously Square of Pisa, Piazza dei Cavalieri highlight, with Carovana Palace and the clock tower, plaza make this a special place.

A special website is also Pisa Santa Maria della Spina. It is a small (tiny) XIV century church Romanesque-Gothic marble is by the river Arno. Stroll through the small alleys of Pisa, for their markets and walk along the river and discover the true essence of Pisa.

Tips for visiting Pisa

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Tips for visiting Pisa:

- Pisa is a small city, it is not necessary to use car to move, use public transport than Italian, or taxi. But it is a city that can meet quietly walk. From the airport take the train which leaves us near the city center and only takes 10 or 15 minutes. Parking is very difficult, if you go by car it is best to leave it in a public park.

- If you want to climb the Tower of Pisa, arm yourself with patience because there are queues of several hours. You pay an entry in one of the offices to assist and we only have to wait your turn. In times of greater numbers of visitors, is expected to be between 3 and 5 hours.

- Take advantage of your visit to Pisa to taste the cuisine of Tuscany, and do not miss to taste their wines.

- If you can avoid it, do not go to eat at one of the bars that are in the area of the Piazza dei Miracoli … This is the worst quality food and the prices are outrageous. Especially do not enter any place where there is a chart of prices on demand and bear in mind that in some bars charge about 10 euros by sitting at the table overlooking the terrace, although this is not advertised anywhere . In the rest of the city is eating very well.

- Finally fly to Pisa with low-cost carriers such as RyanAir, ClickAir and Vueling.

Enjoy your travel experience in the city of Pisa!

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