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In the heart of the Mediterranean to Europe two steps, there is a fantastic place called Monastir, an oasis with vast white sand beaches sea, turquoise blue color of sky, a city that keeps all the essence of Tunisian Arabic, with an adaptation but a new time and the bulk of tourists who come each year to this oasis of dreams.

Tunez - Monastir

Photography by Torpe

Located in northeastern Tunisia, Monastir is one of the main tourist areas. His appeal to the marina and old fishing port, is the basis to go to with a beach, a place that offers a broad range of physical activities and aquatic sports, fishing, hiking and even golf courses there.

At any time in the sea, find the ideal climate to enjoy some of the best beaches in Tunisia, crystal clear, with a broad choice of hotels and restaurants on the coast.

Which places to visit in Monastir? As these are several and then the quote.

Ribat Mausoleum, this is probably the main attraction in Monastir, the place for a look, the fortress has been used several times for filming movies. The instance of its oldest part is located around the watch tower in the museum and has a large collection of ancient writings, textiles, carving and pottery.
The Grand Mosque Bourguiba:

The beautiful Mosque was built in the ninth century. The prayer hall has 86 pink marble columns supporting the roof, near the domes are found in the great mausoleum. A fascinating place and ideal for postcard picture of the traveler.

Monastir - Bourguiba's mausoleum

Photography by Veronique Debord

Bars and nightlife in Monastir:

In Monastir, the majority of entertainment are within hotels. You’ll find a wide range of bars and clubs, including holidays and Saudi floorshows the real axis itself nightlife in the nearby Susa station (zone Skanes). These are some of the most popular: Luna Mare, the Club of Miami, Coconut Club, among others.

Where to stay in Monastir?

Accommodation on the coast (exclusive)

Iberostar Sahara
It is a large complex with several restaurants, bars and swimming pools, is located on the beach and well worth the place especially for the most discerning guests.
Amir Palace

It is one of the most exclusive hotels in Monastir, is located on the beach and offers excellent comfort and good prices during the offseason.

Skanes International Airport, It lies just 10 miles from downtown. To get there you can take even bus (trip length of approximately 30 minutes or take a taxi in 15 minutes. You can also use the metro which passes through the airport every 15-20 minutes and Monastir will take you only 15 minutes. Yellow taxis are the best way to explore Monastir, although all the main points of interest in them will find an efficient and quick transportation.

Know and a Monastir Travel

Photography by eugenijusr

This small seaside town in Tunisia, is a resort that you can not see in your travels to Tunisia.

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