Kenya «The Diamond of Africa»

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Kenya, the African diamond. Condensed in a small territory, the whole essence of the continent. Elephants, zebras, hippos, rhinos, lions and an exuberant nature that overflows, can exceed the expectations of anyone.


Photography by wseltzer

Kenya is no place for those seeking comfort, is for the adventurous at heart, for those who want to know first hand the very essence of nature in its purest form. For those who want to take controlled risks and enjoy a place where time has no place, because the time at their own pace. Kenya’s wealth in terms of diversity of natural habitats due to more than fifty national parks and protected, as well as numerous private conservation areas, therefore, except the great apes, in Kenya you can find a lot of animals typical of continent, and is the best African destination when birding is concerned.

Kenyans and their tribes:

The country comprises one of the most ethnically diverse in the world due to a long history of migration, settlement and mergers between different cultures, giving them a wonderfully rich mix. From Kushite peoples, Bantu and Nilotic, to the Persians and Arabs that gave rise to Swahili culture and the subsequent arrival of European settlers and workers in India. Not to mention the recent arrival of immigrants neighbors in conflict. The result is passionate, a people extremely open, friendly and welcoming.

Kenyans and their tribes

Photography by Abeeeer

Although undoubtedly the most commendable is the fact that, despite the mixture and coexistence, each of the 14 tribes have managed to maintain its identity and essence. So now we know the north, whose women are the most beautiful, the Rendille, the Elmolo, the smallest ethnic group in Kenya and living on the shores of Lake Turkana, like the Turkana, the Kenyan people more isolated and has received less influence. In the central area, the Samburu, who live in Kenya and Mone are related to the Masai, the Meru, the only democratic society in precolonial Africa, the Embu, the Kikuyu, the largest ethnic group in the country and that currently governs and Kamba, the wood carvers. Finally, to the west, the Kalenjin, a group of people that the British called nandi, the Kisii, the Luhya, the second largest group in the country, the Luo, who adopted the British way of life after colonization, and finally , the famous Masai to the south. The traditional nomadic herders.

In this regard, the most famous Masai Mara is just south of the Rift Valley, where you can live in the village itself, with these pastoralists and, of course, Ilmor, ie warriors.

The safari, a trip to the animal kingdom:

Safari is a Swahili word that means travel. And a safari is a journey through a natural area, perhaps one of the many parks in the country. From an ad hoc vehicle preparation, we went into the wilderness, completely safe. Because from inside the van we watch all kinds of animals without any danger. The top of the vehicle, raising the distance that a person can lean freely abroad, but for an animal can not slip inside any way.

The most popular stocks are those of Amboseli, Tsavo, Laikipia, Nairobi and Masai Mara. Maybe for a second safari, should be taken into account the reservations of Shaba, Samburu and Buffalo Springs, where you can find large mammals appear to be endemic in the country, Meru, Saiwa Swamp and Hell’s Gate, where in addition to typical safari drive, you can make biking or walking. The same happens in lakes Nakuru and Naivasha, where you can also enjoy the sight of millions of pelicans and pink flamingos: Of course we must mention specially the area of central Kenya, because it is less touristy area and therefore, everything is about to discover. Nyahururu is notable for the impressive cascade of Thomson, Nyeri is linked to Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouts and from Thika is where you enter the Ol Doinyo Sabuk National Park.


Photography by stefanedberg

The main attraction of the region is Mount Kenya, the country’s highest point and the second highest in the continent, and it is the abode of the gods. It is a national park where you can make safari and see animals of all kinds, but lovers of climbing and hiking also have a place, although we must not forget that the path and climb the peaks, are quite hard and the temperature drops dramatically when the sun sets.

Bon voyage!

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