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The capital of Finland attracts many tourists every year. The magic of his days of eternal sunshine, the landscape and customs surrounding a city full of history and culture. Lakes, sea beaches and give the city an air of dream that is difficult to forget for traveling there.

Helsinki was founded in 1550 by King Gustav Vasa of Sweden since 1918 and is the capital of the Republic of Finland. With over half a million people has been the focus of numerous international politicians. In 1975 was the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe and the United States-USSR summit in 1990. Five years later, Finland became a member of the European Union, holding the EU presidency in 1999 and last year became the city of Helsinki, the European Cultural Capital.

The capital is one of the most tourist places of the country. Depending on which season you travel here, the trip may change completely. In summer the temperatures are mild ranging between 20 º and 25 º and you can visit the beaches of the city, along with the cliffs, offering a wonderful landscape. If something attracts travel to this area during the summer is mainly due to the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun. Nights during this season are very bright, almost obscures not all day, is known as “night sun” .

But for lovers of cold and snow, winter, undoubtedly, is the best time to go to Helsinki. There, the first snow fall in Lapland, in October and then came the “age of darkness” (Kaam) which extends from mid-November until mid January. Days pass with little sunshine, just the opposite in summer and snow gives the landscape an impressive appearance. Arrival times of Christmas, Finland becomes a party torches and candles adorn the houses and giving a very cozy environment. It is at this time of year you can even get to see the Northern Lights, one of the most beautiful in nature.

An open air museum
The city offers many attractions for the traveler who gets there first. The architecture of the modern Finnish architect known worldwide, Alvar Aalto, the author of numerous buildings in the city, including the building of the Social Security or the Academic Bookstore.

There are many museums to visit. Seurasaari Island is an outdoor museum where the visitor makes a trip back two centuries ago to the aspect of rural Finland. To know the history of this country, travelers can also visit the National Museum. The museum building is in the middle of the city and has a romantic air of the national architecture. The museum contains archaeological and historical collections, with pieces of furniture, silver, jewelry and glass from other eras of history.

The city museum (Helsinki City Museum) displays numerous features of the culture and histor y of the country, where even short films are projected on the city. In Helsinki you can also visit several churches. In a country with most belonging to the Lutheran religion, and only 1% of the population practicing the Orthodox religion, you can visit the Lutheran and Orthodox cathedrals, the latter located in the plaza of the Senate, the temple built in the century XIX. Besides the cathedral, numerous churches flooded the streets of Helsinki, as the Church of Temppeliaukio, carved in rock.

The Olympic Stadium is a very typical symbol of the city. Concluded after World War II, the Olympics were held in 1952.El who cannot travel to Helsinki to visit the lakes, an element that most characterizes the country, even known as the land of a thousand lakes.

From Helsinki you can start a trip for two to four days at the center of the lakes, visiting places like the city of Tampere, old industrial city, or area of beautiful landscapes and peasants Petäjävesi where you will find a church Wood declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Typical food and culture
The influences of Finnish cuisine came from the French cuisine, like the Russian. The fish dishes are undoubtedly one of the mainstays of the food from there, the Baltic herring in the sea or in a mustard sauce, or fresh salmon are the most typical dishes. Soups and vegetables are also common, as well as meat in a sauce, especially reindeer meat, which is prepared in various ways and is very tasty. Visiting the open air markets you can buy typical products such as salmon, sausages or chocolate.

Finally, a note by the cultural music festival being held in Helsinki in late August to September. The most important annual cultural event in the city will also see performances of dance, theater and film. This cultural festival every year attracts many visitors to the capital.

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