Guerrero – Large scale Tourism (Mexico)

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The town of Guerrero presents that tourism activity is enhanced in three places called “Triangle of the Sun,” which includes the cities of Taxco, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo and Acapulco.

In addition to the different regions of the state, there are attractions like archaeological sites, historic monuments, museums, cities and villages to discover, including the presentation of culinary art, which every corner of the earth Guerrero, aromas and flavors evoke holidays.
East of Chilpancingo, the state capital, is Olinalá, famous for its lacquered woodwork, chests, cabinets and screens.

Ecotourism and adventure sports are two activities that have become fashionable in the entity.

Guerrero Tourist Sites:
Guerrero state has more than 500 km of fine golden sand beaches that offer a great variety in the waves and a very pleasant temperatures to enjoy water sports.

The kindness of its climate, tropical coasts and temperate in the mountains, it offers many options for relaxation.

Towards the Costa Grande are lagoons, rivers and mountains with abundant flora and fauna, which is another famous tourist destination: Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, which offers attractive bundle for different tastes, as it is a small fishing village with all the charm of the coast and boasts a modern tourist infrastructure.

In Ixcateopan is said to be the tomb of the last great emperor of Mexico, Cuauhtémoc, a sort of national shrine visited by the different ethnic groups in the country to celebrate the last of the great heroes of the indigenous Aztec empire.
The city is unique, its main street is paved in white marble and gold appear at dusk.
To the north is the apex of the Triangle of the Sun, which is formed with Acapulco, Zihuatanejo and Taxco, which integrates the route with the same gold and silver.

This city is the birthplace of the Mexican flag and included significant events occurred during the Mexican Independence, in its gold market selling beautiful items at low prices, very close, Tuxpan Lagoon offers the opportunity for water sports, gastronomy the region is delicious, especially the cecina enchilada.

Taxco in several museums: The silver and the viceroy of Humboldt, and buildings of great architectural value, the most important is the church of Santa Prisca.

The craftsmanship of the silver is really great, cutting-edge designs and good prices. The cuisine is also very rich in it stands the jumil, a real delicacy for the natural and, in this lofty city must have a “Berta,” which is the typical drink.
Not far away are the caves of Cacahuamilpa, perhaps the most beautiful in Mexico, and the cascade of Cacalotengo.

Guerrero Archeology:
Thanks to the extraordinary discovery of the ceremonial hall of the four sculptures Teopantecuanitlán with a monolithic characteristic Olmec style, reminds us of the importance that the various cultures that had developed in pre-Columbian times to the present state of Guerrero.

The institution has distinguished Guerrerense demarcation flourished because its diverse peoples and civilizations that give a unique cultural setting in the Meso-American, so that there were traces of the Olmec, the Purépecha, the Teotihuacan, the peoples of Oaxaca, Mexica and even, there is evidence of the distant lands of the Mayan world.

Archaeological Sites:
Ixcateopan Cuauhtémoc
La Sabana
The Tepoltzis
Palma Sola

Historical Monuments:
Fuerte de San Diego
Palacio Municipal
Church of the Assumption
Templo de San Francisco
Monumento a la Bandera
Church of St. Mary of the Assumption
Santuario de la Cruz of the Mission
Templo de San Miguel
Parroquia de Santa Prisca and San Sebastián
Casa Borda
Casa Humboldt
Templo de San Bernardino
Temple Chavarrieta
Templo de Santa Veracruz
Casa de Juan Ruiz de Alarcón
Chapel of the Holy Trinity
Ex Hacienda El Chorillo
Templo de San Antonio de Padua
Ex Convento de San Agustín
Guerrero Beaches:
Speaking of Guerrero are also the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, where it is located in one of the main beaches of Mexico, Acapulco, where luxury liners arrive full of tourists, haunted by the beaches and exuberant nightlife.

To enjoy all the magnificent coastline of Guerrero is also necessary to visit many places of interest, where the atmosphere is calmer and quieter than the port of Acapulco.
Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is the second most important tourist center, much visited by their navy, its cliffs and tranquility offered by its hotels, beaches and its entire atmosphere.
Beyond Tlalcoyutla as sites are discovered in the Costa Grande, a protected area where the turtles so they can spawn, or Coyuca de Benítez, 28 km west of Acapulco, with its lake where fishing is still harpoon and cast nets.

For the Costa Chica, which ranges from the beaches of Acapulco to Oaxaca, travelers can find unique places like the Laguna Chautengo abundant in fish and birds such as herons and pelicans, or the rugged beauty of the beaches in Marquelia, ideal for quietly contemplating the sunset from a hammock or enjoy a fresh fish fillet.

Great diversity of tourism, satisfaction guaranteed!

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