Gambia, the Black Africa

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Gambia is one of the most accessible to visitors interested in entering for the first time in Black Africa. Despite its small size, its variety, and their biodiversity are staggering.

Once upon a country around a river: the fertile Gambia, on whose banks the Mandinga live, the Fula, the Wolof, the Jola, the Serahuli the Aku, the Manjago and Bambara. It is precisely this multi-ethnicity which drew the Gambian nation, as distinct cultural country that surrounds it on all four sides, Senegal, Wolof majority. Only the western tip of Gambia, which borders the Atlantic Ocean, is saved from the vicinity of Senegal, generally successful, well-avenue.

Like most African countries in its neighborhood, The Gambia achieved independence less than fifty years ago, and today is organized politically as a multiparty republic whose main economic resources are based on the exploitation of its rich fishery resources and the export agriculture. In recent years, The Gambia is drawing an excellent tourist destination thanks to its beautiful landscapes and warm and hospitable nature of its people.

There are several classic routes to meet the bottom of this African country, perhaps one of the best known is that it focuses on the coastal zone, which includes a visit to the city of Banjul, markets and Serrekunda Bakau and enigmatic of the pond Katchikally crocodiles.

Banjul is the administrative center of The Gambia, and one of the smallest capitals in Africa. Is in an island at the mouth of the Gambia River and enjoys a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. His lively port Gambians distributes products for the rest of West Africa and into Europe, making Banjul in a lively commercial city, ideal for acquiring typical African handicrafts, silver jewelry, tropical fruits and vegetables …

Serrekunda city is also focused mainly on trade. Despite being the largest city of Senegal, its actions are much more modest than the large cities in Africa, which only has 200,000 inhabitants. It is the ideal destination to find the true heartbeat of this city of Africa, allowing us to witness its mix of religions, ethnicities and languages.

Serrekunda found near the town of Bakau, one of the most important spiritual centers in the country. In the past, the religion’s most important Gambiagiraba on various animist cults, typical of people who live and interact daily with powerful manifestations of nature. Today, the majority of Gambians have embraced Christianity or Islam, even though these religions have been unable to escape the influences Animists; a clear example of this peculiar syncretism live in Banjul, and particularly in the crocodile pond of Katchikally. According to some Gambians say, the waters of this pond have supernatural properties able to enhance female fertility. For the holy waters of Katchikally arising effect is necessary to make use of the Bojang clan of women who undergo a ritual washing of interest in receiving the benefit of Katchikally. Bojang have forbidden the economic benefit of these practices, and donations made by women who are thrown into the pond treated to appease the crocodiles.

Other fascinating destinations on the coast are the Gambian fishing village traditions of its southern coast, or visiting the Nature Reserve Abuko, where we can contemplate some of the legendary animal of the African fauna, such as lions, hyenas, crocodiles and countless species birds.

If we want to know how Gambia inwards and get into their areas of forest and savannah, must travel to Tendaba, a settlement situated 165 kilometers from Banjul. The site offers a number of lodging houses and is the ideal starting point for many excursions to discover the exuberant nature of the deep Gambia.

If you have enough days, not more than landing in the river island of Janjagbureh, a place where it is difficult to contemplate and hippos in existing megalithic monuments of great interest, such as stone circles of Wassu, raised thousands of Funeral for years.

The close vicinity between Gambia and Senegal will also enable us to visit the country of wolof and discover the many commonalities shared by these two beautiful countries in Africa.

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