Fortaleza – Direct connection from Europe to Brazil

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Fortaleza is a city to fill the eye by its beauty and its similar paradise. Here the sun shines almost all year round, with its blue-green sea and the warm waters of relaxation and pleasure.

A tour of Fort showing his qualities in the city settled by Europeans, but a strong Indian influence, both in the kitchen, as in culture, language and customs of its people.

Getting to Fortaleza, is finding a number of exciting opportunities. A trip that includes the history, heritage, gastronomy, cultural events, entertainment and joy. This is a ferment of rhythms, colors and flavors that delights and invites them to stay a few days. This evening drive offers options for all tastes, ages and pockets. The modern metropolis with beaches, Fortaleza, is the right destination for those who want to know one of the most beautiful capitals in the country.

Avenida Beira-Mar, kiosks and stalls provide options for those wanting a cool drink or taste of seafood in the region. At the craft fairs, many jobs offer income from work in leather and jewelry and food.

The Sunset at the Ponte dos Ingleses, also known as metal bridge in Praia de Iracema, is a must for anyone visiting the city.

Seen in the city as much movement, bars, nightclubs and restaurants for different tastes, open throughout the week, and are distinguished by the famous concerts of humor, which has revealed the expression of artists.

Carnival of Fortaleza, is the most famous of the country, with four days of animation, where some 1.5 million people come to enjoy the sound of music, with bands of renown.

Fuerte (place) also contains one of the most important music festivals in Brazil (Ceara). The annual event brings together local artists in three days of rock and pop. Nearly 25 thousand people enjoyed the fun with many shows, tent shows of fashion and electronics.

How to get there?
By car:
Coming from South, Southeast and Northeast of the capital (with the exception of Sao Luis and Teresina): access by the BR-101 (until Christmas), BR-406 BR-304 and BR-116 comes from Maranhão: access BR-135 BR-316 (to Teresina), BR-343 and BR-222, Piauí: access by the BR-343 and BR-222

By bus:
Road Antônio Bezerra
Hipólito Rua Pamplona, 45

John Thomas Road
Avenida Borges de Melo, 1630, Bairro de Fatima, since – to the capital and main cities

By plane:
Pinto Martins International Airport in Fortaleza
There are regular direct flights for visitors to Spain and Portugal. Often, Fortaleza receives charter flights from Italy, Sweden, Hungary, Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland and Poland. There are many regular flights connecting the major strengths of the Brazilian capitals, like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Wherever you are in Europe, the connection is ideal for easy access to Fortaleza in Brazil.

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  1. The beaches of Fortaleza Says:

    [...] Fortaleza, modern city and one of the largest, major tourist city located in northeastern Brazil, for its importance as a tourist attraction is visited annually by more than half a million tourists, lured by the charm of its beautiful beaches located Throughout its 25 kilometers of coastline, dominated the dunes. [...]

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