Forest of El Yunque, a paradise of Puerto Rico

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Thick vegetation, numerous species of trees, wild orchids and a rain that never stops, but do not bother, turn this site into something wonderful from the Sierra de Luquillo.

El Yunque is a rainforest on the island of Puerto Rico, specifically about 50 kilometers from the capital, San Juan. A place where they say many things from raining frogs until they have seen aliens, so with data like these, not to any itchy curiosity visit. Think that if you, miss the days, calculated as 4 hours and a half visit.

The Taino Indians lived here Yuquiyú thought, the god of good, the god that protected it, so I called the place Yuque, meaning sacred, but when the Spaniards arrived and began to call him confused anvil, so in the end remained with that name that has nothing to do with the origin.

In 1876 King Alfonso XIII, and it became a reserve in 1976, Unesco made it in the first International Biosphere Reserve in Puerto Rico.

On the anvil are 240 species of trees which grow only 26 here. It is divided into the Forest tabonuco located on the lower slopes, the Palo Colorado forest (600 to 900 meters), the forest of Sierra de Palma (600 meters) and the elfin forest or cloud forest (1000 m).

The place is relatively small because it does not reach the 12 hectares, but it differs from others by its tropical climate and as I have said, for its great variety of flora.

The fauna is also very varied. There are 120 species of vertebrates including many types of bats. Reptiles like the yellow bearded lizard, lizard gardener, lagartijo green … well, the good of Puerto Rico that can reach 2 meters long, but quiet is not dangerous, in fact none of the animals in the forest are poisonous. There are over 60 species of birds.

Undoubtedly the star of the forest is an amphibian called Coqui. This frog is a symbol of Puerto Rico. Legend has it that on several occasions has tried to Coqui elsewhere outside the island, but that has not survived, we say that when the Coqui is maintained on the island, he died of grief. Incidentally, the legend of raining frogs from these animals. When the humidity is higher, the Coquis climb trees, but what happens if a predator wants to eat? eg a tarantula. So instead of down as they have risen, plunging down the vacuum to avoid other animals that they want to eat under the tree. So, you can rain frogs, but frogs that jump to avoid being eaten.

El Coquí of Puerto Rico

The forest of El Yunque is an ideal place to enjoy ecotourism and that is why every year is visited by more than half a million people around the world. On your visit keep in mind that as you ascend the rain is more plentiful. Rain is coming from the trade winds and bearing in mind that you will walk quite cool, although not always mean rain. Anyway, if you want water, you can park in any areas where bathing is permitted, thinks that there are waterfalls and rivers are born here.

The forest is open daily from 7.30am in the morning until 18 pm, but if you want more information it is best to consult here.

Worth, so this summer if not sure where to go I would advise you Puerto Rico, toured the island by car and not a day goes by in the Bosque del Yunque.

Enjoy your trip !

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