Ephesus, and Turkey in Wonder of the World

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In Turkey, 20 km from Kusadasi lies the city of Ephesus, now turned into ruins of a glorious past. Here we can study not only the Greek civilization and Roman but also discover what was the beginning of Christianity, as this place is its birthplace.
Ephesus was in Roman times and a major shopping center was built there one of the seven wonders of the world, the Temple of Artemis. The city always lived around this church that felt by a true worship. Today is an ideal place to reflect on how society has evolved from the Greeks to the present day, enjoying some great beaches and a very splendid and Mediterranean cuisine.

Attractions in Ephesus:
Temple of Artemis
In 560 BC, the richest king of the whole story, Croesus, king of Libya, he gave the city and to the Ephesians caelata four columns, to build a new temple to the goddess Artemis as the former had been destroyed by the Sumerians. One of these columns is preserved in the British Museum in London.

The original temple was built on a swamp on a foundation of artificial rocks and coal to not be affected by earthquakes. Built on a rectangular marble throughout and consisted de127 columns, some of them carved and colored, with a ceiling of 20 meters is the largest temple of the Hellenistic era. Inside you will meet great works of art, including four bronze statues made by the best sculptors of the time.
But undoubtedly the most valuable object, and that is still preserved in the Museum of Ephesus, the marble sculpture of the goddess. This was the goddess of hunting, wild nature is always with a bow and a deer. Would later be renamed by the Romans as Diana.

This illuminated Ephesus Temple for two centuries after it was destroyed by a shoemaker who wanted fame called Eróstrato. Later re-build Alexander and although they never recovered the lost glory remained the center of city life. Then came the Roman times, when the city became the capital of Asia and prospered greatly. With 200,000 inhabitants was erected as one of the most important points of the world.

Ten years later, began to form the Christian Church, as St. John was there to accompany the Virgin Mary. Along with the city in Selçuk, and protected by a Byzantine wall to keep the Muslims, we are the first traces of the beginning of Christian evangelization, with the Basilica of San Juan, built by Emperor Justinian in the sixth century on the chapel containing the tomb of the saint.
And we continue with the visit to the House of the Virgin Mary. It was the home chosen by the Mother of God to spend his last years and has been recognized by the Vatican as a Christian sanctuary.

Another wonder can be seen in Ephesus is the Great Theater, also from the Hellenistic period and later restored by the Romans, was the center of the preaching of St. Paul. Consisting of gymnasium, agora and baths. He is currently the scene of concerts. We also find that the Library of Celsius with the Theater are sacred and the passage between them is the Marble Road. This library is the best preserved building of its kind.

Inexcusable Visit the Museum of the city where you will find an impressive collection of statues and other items that have been rescued from various archaeological excavations made in the city.

In Ephesus today you can see the first publication of the story, was also the first city in the world that illuminated the streets and temples, including the Artemis, served as banks.

In his time also had famous visitors as Mark Anthony and Cleopatra were visiting the city frequently, as well as Julius Caesar and Cicero, among others.

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