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Located in the northwest, the Choco is a department of Colombia, are the coasts of the Pacific and Atlantic, occupies a large Pacific plain is a land frozen in time. Its area covers over 46 square miles and maintains limits on the north by Panama and the Caribbean Sea on the east by the departments of Antioquia, Risaralda and Valle del Cauca, south is the Cauca Valley and the West is the Pacific Ocean.

Before the Spanish arrived to conquer this land was inhabited by a diversity of indigenous peoples as the Kuna, the Chocoes or Citarares, the Noanama and Baude. The Choco is administratively divided into 30 municipalities made up of many villages and populated places. Covered by you of equatorial forest is formed by watersheds of the rivers Atrato, San Juan and Baudo, geographical setting of great natural beauties and landforms such as Cabo Corrientes conformation that is extraordinary rocky cliffs along the northern and south where mangroves are located, which are exceptional ecosystem crossed by creeks and streams that form the deltas that leave its waters into the Pacific Ocean.

The foothills of Badu is one of the landforms, which are born Astrata River Basins which empties into the Caribbean Sea and San Juan which flows into the Pacific. Serrania del Darien is the natural border between Colombia and Panama, its length reaches Tacurcuna Hill that reaches 2 280 meters, covered by dense forests, it is the Darien National Park, The Park Binational who shares with Panama this place for its great importance, was declared in 1981 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve in 1982. Inhabited by three indigenous groups, the Kuna, Embera and Wounaan, is a beautiful place for bird watching, besides existing natural and historic trails that remain open throughout the year for tourists who love nature.

The Choco region is characterized by high rainfall, so that the temperature of the valleys and lower reaches temperatures of 27 º C with humidity reaching 90%, but thanks to this climate the vegetation is very rich and varied.  Within the territory of Chocó are several national parks, some of which are shared with neighboring departments. The tourist attractions of the area parks have unfortunately suffered the consequences of environmental mismanagement, especially indiscriminate logging and mining in its rivers.  Fortunately the authorities have to work to protect this natural ecosystem. The tourist resort of Colombia is supported by river transport, as most of its rivers are navigable for small and medium vessels.

The Choco is an ideal place to practice adventure tourism, ecotourism and nature!

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