Discover Graz in Austria

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Discover Graz in Austria

Graz, meaning small castle, is Austria’s second city (capital of the province of Styria), has one of the best preserved old towns in central Europe in 1999 declared a World Heritage Site. But Graz suffered through an interesting metamorphosis to be the representative of the City of European Culture 2003. In addition Graz has 6 universities and more than 44mil students, which makes this small town in a typical college town.


Photography by Trodel

The town on the River Mur sits just 200 km from the capital, Vienna. With its origins in prehistory, it is not until the twelfth century which first appeared in written documents. In the fourteenth century was inhabited by the dynasty of the Hausburgo (Austria).

A highlight in the city to start is the Schlossberg, with a castle on a hill 500 meters high, with more than 1000 years, which gives its name to the city (in Slovenian) small castle. In 1125 the hill was an impressive castle that Napoleon ordered destroyed in 1809. Although still retains the clock tower, a symbol of the Austrian city.

You can not miss the spectacular artificial island built on the river Mur 2003. What should be a temporary building has become a tourist attraction that will stay on the River. At night the lights also make a special visit.

Mur Island in Graz:

If you are walking through a building Graz alien, it means you are in front of the Kunsthaus Museum of Contemporary Art. Completed in October 2003, this work built by Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, it would be comparable to Tate Modern in London or the Guggenheim in Bilbao. Nor must you lose your night lighting, as its facade is made up of 900m2 of methacrylate with lamps that light can change 18 times per second, which enables images, videos, among other highlights. The city also has museums like the crime or Johan Puch museum has more than 500 vintage cars from the factory Puch.

Discover Graz in Austria

Photography by thisisbossi

Highlights in the center of Graz Opera, which is the second largest opera building in Austria. The building is a fascinating neo-baroque style, built in 1899.

The center of Graz Opera

Photography by theowl84

Eggenberg Castle was built between 1625 and 1656, and is the largest castle in the province of Styria. This castle is intended to be a replica of the Monastery of the Escorial and has a nice garden. As a curious note has 365 windows as a symbol of the days in the year, in addition to paint the signs of the zodiac.

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