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Nepal, a country south of central Asia, located in the Himalayan mountains in the territory of this country are the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest oversold, the bulk of its population is in the valley and the city Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal.

Nepal’s government is actively promoting tourism, providing all facilities to the private sector to develop this activity as it is aware of the importance of this industry in contributing to the economy, therefore focuses on The importance of conserving natural resources, cultural and human resources.

The Aviation and Tourism Ministry is the entity responsible for all matters related to this sector and its work focuses on the supervision of all aspects of the tourism sector, as the good level of tourist hotels and restaurants, the activities of adventure sports, travel within the country and especially to maintain good relations with the private sector.

For its geographical conformation and the presence of the Himalayas, Nepal is the most important place for mountaineering world, thousands of tourists flock a Nepalese attracted the challenge of climbing the highest peaks in the world to exceed eight thousand feet. The vastness of beautiful natural scenery and cultural richness of its people is an invitation for hiking along the trails that traverse the country, get to hidden villages in the mountains, temples and monasteries surrounded by beautiful scenery and hear about traditional rural life of Nepal.  

Bagmati of Kathmandu Valley is a paradise for bird lovers, an estimated eight percent of the population of birds found in Nepal, the most visited tourist for this activity Phulchoki son Kathmandu, Godavari, Nagarjun , Rio Taudaha.  Everest, Kanchenjunga and the Tibetan Plateau are spaces ideal for mountain flights, a service that allows sighted near the highest mountains on earth, in just one hour flight you will have an extraordinary view of the Himalayas.

Nagarjun, Balaju, Budhanil Shivapuri and Sing, are appropriate places to practice rock climbing, very popular in Kathmandu. Many rivers are part of the natural wealth and Kathmandu where you can experience the feeling of adrenaline deslizare on the roaring rapids, or enjoy the scenery surrounding the calm waters of some rivers. The golf lovers can access these services via the existing rating agencies in Nepal. Another alternative for enjoying the scenery offered by the mountains is the journey in hot air balloon, where you can see in all its majestic Himalayas and its spectacular view of Kathmandu valley. Bungee Jumping is another great host sports in Nepal, which takes place around the river Coshi, the hand of experienced teachers jump.

The Pokhara valley is the setting for ultralight aircraft flights where you get spectacular views of lakes, mountains and villages that make up this dreamy landscape of the Himalayas.

Another alternative to explore this magnificent country, mountain bike, alongside the sports will enjoy the beautiful scenery and learn about the living heritage of the country, many paths and trails to mountain bikers will meet its fantasy adventure. The National Parks of the Terai region is a must for animal lovers, where you may spot in the wild, rhinos, wild boars, deer, sloth bears and Bengal tigers, which are part of the show.

Nepal is a Hindu majority country, where there are temples, shrines and where they hold daily rituals. Linga in the Shrine of Pashupatinath, located west of Kathmandu, is one of the temples in honor of Shiva, the country’s most revered god.  The gods like Vishnu, Laxmi, and Red Machhendranath Saraswat, each have temples in different parts of the country. But also other religions coexist in harmony minority but which are important in the spiritual and cultural life of Nepal.

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    i m from Nepal but i have not been on trekking yet. i see Himalaya Picture. it make me start trekking right now. of course Nepal government is declared Nepal tourism year 2011.i hope Nepal’s tourism business man are more happy.

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