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Plaza Dam por la noche por R.Duran.

Amsterdam is a city for walkers and cyclists, with an intense cultural life, and many more… Also curious is uninhibited, but organized, and modern, but with a history of fishing village. It is known as the Venice … North. Its network of canals and bridges, designed in the XVI and XVII centuries, form a kind of web that cuts through the resort, the site is ideal for exploring on foot (the distances are short and landscapes between bridges and canals is just fabulous ) or rent a bike and do honor to his reputation as a city on two wheels.

Dam Square is a very good starting point. From there, one of those long panoramic photographs could include the Royal Palace, seventeenth-century classical building, and the National Liberation Monument, an obelisk to honor the fallen in World War II. This square, where the movement never stops, was the meeting place for hippies of the 60s.

All around the Dam Square deserves attention: the Nieuwe Kerk, where Protestant church crowned kings and queens of the Netherlands, where in February 2002 was made wedding of Crown Prince William with Maxima Zorreguieta.

In one corner of Dam Square is the Museum Madame Tussaud’s Wax with replicas of the most famous of the country and around the world to fulfill the dream of being photographed by the hand of Nelson Mandela, kissing or with Robbie Williams Pablo Picasso. And forward, joins the Avenue Dam Damrak from Central Station, also Kalverstraat your shopping promenade and businesses more expensive and, finally, those streets that invite you to get lost among the channels to enter the Red Light District.

Madame Tussaud - Amsterdam por kbblandi (OFF).

In the Museumplein, the largest square in the city, concentrate the Municipal Museum and the Van Gogh next to the Concert Hall. There, huge letters in red and white come together to form the phrase I Amsterdam (pun to say Y or am Amsterdam), slogan with which the Netherlands city welcomes visitors. Grateful, tourists from around the world are arranged on the A or between the arches of the M to pump regulatory picture almost behind the National Museum of Art and History of the Netherlands.

Near the square is another unmissable museum, the Diamond, where you can admire a replica of the painting The Starry Night by Van Gogh, carried out with little gems. Next to the Museum Square, the plaza entrance to the Max Euwe distension open space, with cafes and a giant chess where people spend the day between games. And in front is one of the most important parks in the city: the Vondelpark, a kind of small Central European Park was named in honor of the German poet Joost van den Vondel, who lived in the Netherlands.

I Amsterdam ! por

If your thing is art, then travel to Amsterdam will leave you impressed!

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