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Croatia is one of those fascinating destinations that many would like to know in Europe, we must know that fate choice and for this we introduce the most important cities to visit in this European country.

Cities Croatia Travel Destinations

Photography by Michael Cavén


To access the city first must get to the airport of Dubrovnik. If you’re staying in the center, it is very easy to make the journey by bus. Of course it is cheaper than the taxi and leaves you at the door of access to the old city. The ideal is to stay near the center, because from there it is about 5 minutes away on foot.

It’s great to know this city, walking its streets, terraces, etc. Is it necessary to rent a car north route. As for the car rental, you can opt for Europcar.

While stay in Dubrovnik you can take a trip to Elafit Islands, specifically to Lopud. The venue for the game is in the port of Gruz and from there you can travel by boat, as here, there are several daily.

The place is ideal for a very nice quiet beach, in lovely surroundings. It has a sandy beach across the island which is reached by walking for half an hour. You can also hire golf buggies type. The beach has two «txiringitos» where you can eat.


In another place to visit is Split. A beautiful city in which the Palace of Diocletian and pedestrian streets. They are a nice attraction that is not lost. Here you can park without too much trouble, unlike Dubrovnik which is certainly expensive. In Split there is no such problem, as there are free parking areas.

Travel to Croatia Cities

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Sibenik is another city that is worth the trip and for this you can start up going to the park Krka This is the «little brother» of Plitvice, for those who do not want to do as many miles. It’s beautiful, has some impressive waterfalls and a lovely walk. You can also make a boat trip. Since this is a small place, it is easier to understand and thus can easily make a visit one day. Besides all you can swim by the waterfalls.


Trogir is a very charming and pleasant city with many streets, terraces and water around. In many ways reminiscent of Venice. It is certainly beautiful.

Destinations in Croatia

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This is an island called Isla de Korkula both (this for about three hours), without a car if you can take a catamaran and is faster. From the ferry on the way you can see the dolphins.

A property can be taken in the village of Lumbarda, south of Korkula, a very nice indeed. His style is medieval and it can see all the cobblestone streets and narrow. This has many terraces, restaurants, etc. .. and overall there is good atmosphere.

You can take a ferry to Orebic, Peljesac Peninsula crossed, and from Trpanj take another ferry to Ploce. The routes are very short, so in Ploce show soon.


Mostar (Bosnia Herzegovina), shows the signs of war are still evident. Mostar Bridge is beautiful, with lots of history, and the surrounding are lovely with many restaurants on the sides of the river Neretva. Also here everything is much cheaper than Croatia, so it means dinner with very little money. The people are lovely, very friendly and affectionate, generally far more than the Croats but also are, appear to be less authentic.

Travel destinations in Croatia

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Hotel Pellegrino, it is recommended to anyone wanting to visit Mostar is in the pedestrian area, near the bridge. This very well signposted from anywhere in the city. The rooms are great and the breakfast is fabulous.

If this is one of your next travel destinations now know what to expect before you leave, after the trip we would like you to tell us your experience, I appreciate it.

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