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Cantabria groundwater

miércoles, mayo 11th, 2011

Cantabria groundwater: Geological and artistic heritage

Cantabria is a region which retains more underground artistic heritage recognized by UNESCO. A great geological diversity is treasured wealth of eccentric formations of stalactites and stalagmites that decorate profusely each and every one of their caves. During a visit to Cantabria has the opportunity to visit three great places as Montecastillo Soplao and the renowned caves of Altamira, also known as the Sistine Chapel of Prehistoric Art.

Cantabria groundwater

Photography by rover0

Cantabria is the first world power in the paleontological art, (más…)

Cantabria: the beauty of the unseen

domingo, abril 24th, 2011

The green and amber beauty is hidden under Cantabria mountains and behind the clouds. When the fog seems a veil over the landscape dotted with rain shy and stately homes, a ray of sun creeps timidly and opened the curtain on a green without end, which seems to cry aloud for the prominence of its enormous cultural and artistic heritage, subtly concealed under the earth, as if its most precious treasure in question. And it Cantabria, a province in northern Spain, is the region that retains the most underground of the world heritage, by the universal flag Altamira caves which are officially closed to the public since 2002 and confirmed by the recent spectacular The discovery of Soplao.


Fotografía por

Cantabria is infinite, and its proud and hospitable people define it. (más…)

Peaks of Europe from Asturias

miércoles, febrero 16th, 2011

If you are on the Cantabrian coast route and one is a lover of natural beauty, the Picos de Europe become an indispensable trip that there be a good place in our plans.

Peaks of Europe from Asturias

The Peaks of Europe, belongs to three regions: Asturias, Cantabria and Castilla-Leon. Each of their areas is unique, for example green meadows in the eastern Massif, dense beech forests and spectacular peaks as Peña Santa de Castilla in the Western Massif or the highest levels like Torrecerredo of 2,646 meters in the Massif Central. (más…)

Rural tourism in Toledo

lunes, septiembre 13th, 2010

Any occasion is good to rediscover the city of three cultures. Transcendent, mysterious, unique. No order of preference, without hierarchy, without complexes, only one route for those who have never been to Toledo or, as is the case, for whom half a lifetime ago that they had seen.

Rural tourism in Toledo

Photography by Francisco Javier Martín

The example of coexistence between Arab, Christian and Jewish heritage and makes the history of this city is awesome. The next is a virtual tour of the Toledo routes:

The Cigarrales: (más…)

The wine routes by Sefarad

viernes, septiembre 10th, 2010

Today we’ll talk about the vineyards of Sefarad, on a tour of four Jewish and visit the cellars of fine wines. At this time of year the roads are teeming with vineyards Sefarad. Proudly show off its green lushness, announcement of a bumper crop. It’s the best invitation to a journey that unites the Jewish wine. In place are the cellars where they make some of the best Spanish wines. A nexus that is rooted in history, when Jews taught growers the most advanced art of the vine to the Christian peasants.

The wine routes by Sefarad

Photography by catavinsemporda

Wine route Ribadavia:

This is our first route of wine and nothing better to start Ribadavia where Sephardic traders and processors engaged in the business of wine exported to countries like England, Portugal, France and Holland. (más…)

Rural Tourism – On the small islands canary – Part I

miércoles, septiembre 8th, 2010

La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma. They are natural havens that offer peace and good weather. Separated by 1,400 miles from Europe, the Canary Islands enjoy a subtropical climate that makes them a safe destination to enjoy the good weather throughout the year. This is a tour of three of its islands, El Hierro, La Palma and La Gomera. Three natural havens where it is always spring. The following are the natural courses of the islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma

Rural Tourism - On the small islands canary

Photography by greenacre8

La Gomera:

The island of La Gomera has all the incentives for those who like walking in the woods and enjoy nature without renouncing the beach. (más…)

Rural Route to Soba, Ramales and Ampuero

lunes, septiembre 6th, 2010

The following is a route that is from the autonomous community of Cantabria, which discover routes nearby. This place is ideal especially for tourists who love the kind of rural tourism. Then these locations are:

Rural Route to Ramales

Fotografía por Asier Sarasua


From the Valley of Soba, made way from the natural park of the Collados del Ason, a great and benevolent scenery: snow rarely, the height is only 680 meters. Over there you can see the small valley of The barren, a former refugee who has retained some of their lifestyle. On the same road you come to another valley where Gandara was born in the foothills of the Peña Becerra, where about is the Ason (below), near the town of Ramallah. (más…)

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