Carnival in Cadiz

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Carnival in Cadiz

Carnival time in Cadiz, it’s time to enjoy the city, the carnival begins Feb. 19 and ends March 1. Cadiz is a city of the province of the same name located in the autonomous community of Andalusia. The music is heard around the corners of the city and prepare the costumes, which are truly works of art.  The Carnival of Cadiz is one of the most important events in Spain, has been declared a Fiesta of International Tourist Interest. With the arrival of Italian merchants, the Cadiz Carnival adopts the use of masks, masks, streamers and confetti, factors specific to the Italian carnival.

Cadiz of Carnival

Characterized this spectacular event, with a playful and fun image, attributes that make it a unique event where people participate en masse to demonstrate their wit and grace. The Carnival of Cadiz has evolved to the point of becoming a party with its own personality, tourists travel from all over the city of Cadiz to participate and enjoy the happiness of this beautiful Spanish city. The pre-parties, carnival rocks organize food fairs and activities, with the aim of keeping a first contact with the public, in food fairs offered tastings of the most exquisite delicacies as oysters, ruffled, fries, and tortillas «among other culinary delights of the cuisine of Cadiz.

All these activities make the weeks before the carnival and will experience a party atmosphere. During the festival of Carnival competitions are conducted Different Modalities in the four groups are: chorus, extras, jokes and quartets, contests that are broadcast by television channels and radio stations.  The costume is the centerpiece of this festival, if you want to participate can acquire one of them is one of the shops that are dedicated exclusively to this business.
To appreciate the festival in all its splendor, the first Sunday of Carnival day is recommended, you can also enjoy typical products of this land in bars and restaurants around the city.

Carnaval por tressa_crt.

Go preparing for his trip to the carnival in Cadiz and take step to make tourism the most important places to know the city, like the Gran Teatro Falla, the ancient heart of the city, Plaza de San Antonio, La Plaza de la Cathedral And if you can walk on the beach La Caleta and the barrio of La Vina, the birthplace of Carnival, is obliged to visit the Church of San Antonio and appreciate its Baroque neoclassical architecture.

Do not forget to bring the camera!

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  1. Bed and Breakfast Dave Says:

    The festival in Cadiz sounds great. Thanks for the info. It’s only four and a half hours from Granada and so I’ve made a note to go next February!
    Thanks again..

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