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Calcutta faces two simultaneous shows. The diversity of its people, the attractive and numerous celebrations, spirituality prevails on one side. Pollution, population density and poverty of the cities with more homeless people in the world, on the other.

The capital of the Indian state of West Bengal opens the door to the Asian country Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. When the latter was established in 1971, Calcutta was a great wave of immigrants who came to swell the ranks of those who had arrived after the partition, the line that divided Hindus and Muslims. Then, three droughts fueled by new refugee population and many people had to migrate from rural to urban areas. Crowded out by the explosion of population and disease spread by the day in this city. Thousands of homeless people swarm the city covered by the immensity of the night.

This is insufficient, however, to Darken the spirit of Calcutta, known as the “city of joy.” Occupied by the British for hundreds of years, its streets reflect the British influence. The elegance of its tracks, dressed in Victorian style architecture, in contrast to traditional kernels referring to the purest India. Fort William, villas Champions Botanic Gardens and witness the magnificent British occupation, during which supplanted Calcutta to New Delhi as the capital of India.

Thousands of people pass and quickly fed Populous the veins of this city, and gather along the river that it crosses Hooqhly. Highlights the heterogeneity, as in the rest of India, a country of great cultural diversity. The massive Howrah Bridge connects the two sides and a constant stream supports human housing density is also evident in the bustling but beautiful park Maidan, the heart of Calcutta. Restaurants, shops, cinemas and hotels located in urban Chowringhee Road. Confirm a movement Nurtured by the rich cultural life in Calcutta, the birthplace of the Renaissance and the origin of Indian writer Rabindranath Tagore. Film, theater, art and literary debates Arousa Railroads passions among the Bengalis. In fact, the cinema this side of the world is among the most prestigious. Cultural Controversies can be noted in the tables of the cafes which bloom everywhere. The House of Writers of the eighteenth century, the Plaza de Dalhouise, reflects the literary heritage of Bengali.

Airlines and Air India and Alliance come off from the international airport in Calcutta to various parts of the world and major cities throughout the country. Roads and train services connecting India through. And the motor rickshaws (typical transport), taxis, buses and subway serving the traveler to move smoothly inside the city.

From Calcutta you can visit other nearby towns and natural sites around the city. Forests, tropical forests crossed by rivers and sunny beaches are open to tourism. And the roads lead to interesting destinations within Bengal, Shantiniketan and the student, the Durgapur industrial picturesque Darjeeling, which is paid at the foot of the snowy Mount Kinchindjinqa or Murshidabad is famous for its silk, where the British defeated the eighteenth century to Nababs Bengal and took the kingdom.

In the end all that and unforgettable tourist experience, the really in India.

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