Cairo and the Nile

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Cairo is the capital of Egypt, considered the largest city in Africa and is the most populous on the African continent, is also known as «The Mother of All Cities» or the city of a thousand minarets, the name you know the Mosques Towers, located on the shores and islands of the Nile River delta south of the same name.
Cairo is one of the cities you can travel for cultural tourism, is the place where you can enjoy an extraordinary journey in time through different stages of its history is an open museum where they mix old and modern, cosmopolitan city cradle of civilizations.

The Nile River is an important element in the development of the city, passing through Cairo, the Nile is the division into two, on the banks west lies the West Cairo and Giza, the magical landscape invites us to enjoy afternoon and dream with their water. Along the banks of the river are the main historical sites and tourist an attraction, the Nile was the main factor for the development of the culture of ancient Egypt.

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The Nile passes through Cairo, a Nile Delta whose waters flow into the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the world’s largest deltas, making the area a fertile region for the development of agriculture. The city of Cairo offers several attractions to the traveler, as its monuments and museums, the most Important The Egyptian Museum possesses the finest collection of ancient Egyptian objects.
The Museum of Modern Art, it is kept beautiful works of early twentieth century, including artists we appoint as Owais Mohamed, Mohamed Sabry, Gazebya Serry, Ingy Aflaton and Zakan The Zieny.

The Historical Center is part of the tourist attractions of the city, declared by UNESCO as Cultural Patrimony of Humanity, there is the Coptic Christian Quarter, this area is crisscrossed by narrow streets and there are many churches, so it is The Coptic Museum, situated within the ancient fortress of Babylon. The term designations are Coptic Christians in Egypt belong to the Coptic Church.

Although most of the attractions of the city are in the historic city center, there are other attractions on the outskirts of the city, for example the monumental complex of Giza, which boasts one of the seven wonders of ancient world Great Pyramid of Cheops, the great pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure and Esfinge.La the Great Mosque of Ahmad ibn Tulun is the oldest mosque in the city. They also include the Mosque-Madrasa of Sultan Hasan, which is one of the largest in the world.

The weather in Cairo is hot in summer and warm in winter, with big contrasts between day and night, between the months of November to March, average temperatures are between 22 and 23 º, is the season where the climate is softer. The low rainfall in the city child, most common are sand storms especially in the spring season.


On transport, Cairo is the only city in Africa which has underground metropolitan transport, the Cairo Metro. It has the Cairo International Airport, situated 22 km from the city. As for the train service, linking the capital to these major parts of the country as well as its road system is in good condition and is efficient.

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