Cabo de Gata: data for the traveler

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What does a beach is a virgin? Not exactly the idyllic image that usually one made of a Caribbean beach with golden sand and coconut trees. It is a beach where there are no tourist services, even lifesaving surveillance, where the hand of man has not acted yet and usually are far from the beaten path, but certainly this latter feature is more a cause than a result.

Cabo de Gata

Photography by Hector Garcia

Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Cabo de Gata is the only coastal national park in Spain. In its secluded beaches can still be reunited with the sea breeze and the rugged landscape and eerie, silent, still leaving room for thoughts.

Accommodation around Cabo de Gata:

Casa Café La Loma
Casa Rural La Almendra y el Gitano
Casa Rural Cerro la Gorra
Charo’s Houses
Cortijo el Campillo
Casa Biank
Cortijo los Malenos
Casa Rural Alex
Hospedería Los Palmitos

Cabo de Gata: data for the traveler

Photography by untipografico

Beaches in Cabo de Gata:

In this stronghold of wild beaches, unrepentant hippies and foreigners increasingly looking to other ways of life, you can enjoy beaches and coves for everyone: In Playa de los Muertos, water clarity, which takes a turquoise lower ranges in contrast to the white pebbles are to blame for this clearly. Thousands of fish are mixed with swimmers at this beach, whose name harks back to an ancient story of ships and shipwrecks.

Cala Carnaje. One of the most authentic of Cabo de Gata and in turn poorly understood. Defended by the end of the Polacra is a creek to reach difficult to access and have to walk about 2 km on dirt roads. It consists of large black bowling (boulders) that give this character so special.

The beach at Los Escullos, it has a peculiar beauty that is based primarily on the curious rock formations, eroded by wind and sea, which take almost art forms. It is an open beach, so even if access is easier than the other creeks and she gets more people, its size and the large rocks can enjoy the solitude of a piece of sea and beach almost ours. Also, for those who enjoy music and a different night during their stay in Cabo de Gata, the Haima Los Escullos offers great atmosphere and entertainment assured.

Other beautiful beaches are the Genoese and Monsul, although its proximity to the city of Almeria, the area becomes more popular and more crowds in summer.

The beach in Cabo de Gata

Photography by horrapics

In short, a day at the beach in Cabo de Gata, yes, with umbrella, relax equates to one week vacation anywhere else!

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