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Birmingham is at the heart of England, not more than 150 miles north of London.

It is one of the largest cities in England and part of the Warwickshire region.

During the last century its population has increased by almost one million people. Recorded a considerable racial diversity in the city together as British Asians, Arabs, Latinos, …

In the past the city was known for its industry and is now one of the most important cities in England by their industry for their universities (there are over 60,000 students there.)

Birmingham has a rich culture and is home to the orchestra and the city of Birmingham Royal Ballet (one of the best in England). Thus a mixture of culture, beauty and special atmosphere makes this city one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. Weather in Birmingham.

50th F
Due to its geographical location, rainfall is abundant throughout most of the year, temperatures in spring and fall throughout the winter but the summers are quite hot.

Flights to Birmingham:
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Birmingham has its own airport and is very easy to fly to most major European cities such as Amsterdam, Munich and Madrid.

To get to the airport, a local bus (number 966) that moves from downtown to the airport which is only a mile from Exit 42 Carreterra M 6.

Leisure Birmingham
Birmingham is a university town so there is much nightlife. There are lots of clubs and bars to be able to go as well as shops in the city center. It has two soccer teams in the Premier League in England (Aston Villa and Birmingham City) and you will see one of their parties.

Most stores are located in the city center, there are over 700 and is open every day. Over 22 million tourists come every year to the mall. In the Jewellry Quarter ‘there are many shops and kiosks with great prices on diamonds and gold.

The city is not only renowned for its nightlife, bars and cafes, but also for its cultural sights. He has several cinemas, theaters and galleries where you can see various exhibitions, performances and works of modern art.

Museums and Monuments:
Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery:
The museum will offer a great selection of art and only costs 2 pounds.

Aston Hall: One of the most beautiful houses Jacobins of the country, built between 1618 and 1635 by Mr Thomas Holte.

Ikon Gallery: One of the major contemporary art galleries of Europe, Ikon presents the best British and international art in a program of changing exhibitions and events.

Recommended Restaurants and bars:
Old Joint Stock: We offer a great variety and excellent quality of food in the house throughout the day.

Zinc Bar & Grill: Zinc is the place to drink and interact with its large menu and cocktail for the weekend has some very good DJs.

Bar Talk: On the second floor of the Orange Studio in downtown Birmingham, it offers excellent cuisine, modern in its top bar.

Peppers: Modern Restaurant with room for 130 people.

Bushwakers: Wine Bar with music and a younger clientele and is open until midnight.

Athens Restaurant: Known for being one of the nicer restaurants in Birmingham, including the spectacle of broken plates on the floor!

To find out more about what to do in Birmingham, you can check the local newspapers and the newspaper to the students!

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