Azores Islands of Portugal

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The Azores are a spectacle of light, color and image that surprises the nature lovers for its extraordinary beauty. Charm is shared between both forms of the mysterious blue lagoons, the craggy heights of the mountains (with its seductive viewpoints on land and sea), haughty and deep craters of ancient volcanoes, their large and lush landscapes that maintain the purity original, despite the passing of the years, including the rediscovery of the same bucolic tranquility or the melody of silence. In short, we propose a trip, particularly recommended for the enjoyment, inner peace and enjoyment of the traveler. Is an unexpectedly gentle and peaceful land, away from mass tourism and complies, in particular, to anyone seeking an idyllic getaway, fortuitous and magical.

Is an inescapable fact that these dream vacation into a great occasion of remembrance, and we will certainly stick to fire, forever in his memory. The magical islands of the Azores can be considered the edge of Europe in the Atlantic Ocean. Each island in the archipelago is a melting pot of races and landscapes, built on old traditions and experiences that preserve the required balance with nature.

San Miguel, the largest island
In San Miguel, the largest of the Azores, it is possible to find gaps whose beauty can not leave indifferent to those who contemplate. This natural paradise is cleverly combined with the movement that shows their streets, which also feels the buzz of a big city itself. The comings and goings of people in contrast with other more quiet and calm that has opened the island, where you can admire the extensive and intensive green cloaks a masterful blend with the color of its spectacular flowers. Still, the first thing to consider are the gaps that can capture the heart and create poems and feelings in a glance. Sete Cidades, situated on a watercolor in which they live continue to dominate the green and blue, evokes the legend of unfortunate Princesses of lost kingdoms. Fogo, quiet and dramatic, is framed by lava and sea. Furnas, on the other hand is a mirror of water that seems to come from a magical fairy tale, which does not lack the spiral of a Gothic chapel. Then there is the Vale das Furnas, lush garden in the back of a large crater, where secretive streams run crystal clear and warm water. Inside there is the romantic Terra Nostra Park, surrounded by exotic tropical species unique to others that come from colder countries. The hot steam from the event shows Caldeira of the volcanic island.

The most beautiful beaches
Cut by deep bays, Santa Maria has the most beautiful beaches in the Azores and enjoying more hours of sunshine. Waves challenge surfers, and the height of sport fishing, sailing, windsurfing and scuba diving attracts those who prefer a holiday sports. Vila do Porto, Espírito Santo, and San Pedro Anjos are stages of a journey that gives us to know churches, monasteries and fortresses that recall the past. During the stay at St. Mary’s no time to enjoy a good fish, limpets, and tasty “crack” torn from the rocks, and they taste the sweets from their traditional recipes. The travel is by walking between chess green vines, orladas lava on the walls of corrais. We have to climb the mountains round, lovely views, and admire the lush vegetation of Caldeira, where do Furna Enxofre (Sulfur Cave) can penetrate into the interior of an extinct volcano that has a mysterious underground lake, and discover, Along the coastline, deep bays and small islands to entertain us with their beauty before.

Where there are vineyards wines, whites and reds of  perfectly accompany the fish dishes, fresh seafood and meat from the local cuisine. To complete the menu, nothing better than the traditional cakes and a glass of brandy, distilled in old copper stills.

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